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  1. USNF97 and XP

    I was just wondering if a person had to format there hard drive with FAT32 and not NTFS and then install XP and all the updates if USAF would work properly I liked the game myself
  2. Hello. Just wondering if anyone here can give me a clue as to what is going wrong here and why this is happerning. I have a legal and bought copy of the game 1946 IL-2 but whenever i try to install the 408 patch (NOT SERVER PATCH) my install shows up as corrupted and I get a post that says GET A FRESH COPY OF THE PATCH AND DO A REINSTALL. The problem apears on line 5 or 6 line from the end of the patch install where it says 'CRC failed in FB maps 14.SFS' This line is in red ink. Then completes the install and at the end I get the post that I have already mentioned. I have downloaded dif copies of the 4.08 from Games spy. Gamers hell. UBI SOFT. people have sent me known to work versions of their 4.08 patch through msn, yahoo, whatever. I have tried it all but I still get the SAME result everytime from the dif copies. Some people have said the my original disk is corrupt but I doubt that because I have been using it and playing on hyperlobby with it. The last time on hyperlobby with my disk was with version 4.071 which was last week Friday. Looking at the disk it does not seem to have any scratches etc, few slight fingerprints which I cleaned off anyway. Before I go out and buy a new disk can anyone here give me some other direction on where to look I have tried fresh installs of the game with registry cleaned and folders deleted, etc. Still the same RESULT. Other than this problem, my system seems to be fine?? All my other sims perform just fine, WOE, WOV, ALLIED FORCE, LOCK ON,FSX etc. They all work just great. so what the h... is going on here. any help would be appreciated Thanks
  3. Hello I am a newbie here and am having a problem connecting to streakeagle's room on hyperlobby. I have all my required hyperlobby and dx ports ports forwarded on my router but still cant enter the room. I have also noticed that he has now MERGED wov with woe, where can I get the patch to do this. Another question is are the downloads inter changeable between games I have all three SFP1, WOV, AND WOE. Hopefully they are I have seen some real nice pits for the F4 and it would be a shame if they could only be aplied to one game :)
  4. I Just Can't Get Over This

    Ok I am newbie. Could someone please tell me what DUKE did????Found all posts very interesting concernign this but still dont know what he did

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