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  1. Falcon 4 Gold Announced

    Found this on simnews site. nice attitude of G2Interavtive i think. Good way of killing of the product and the community. Adamgul
  2. hmm No jetwash effect in the movie ?? Adamgul
  3. OK here´s my 2 cents 1. I fail to see the logic in pushing back the demo. The demo is finished and has a OK stamp for release. relesing it to the "hardcore" part of the potential byers now dosen´t limit you to reach a larger grope a few weeks later in magazins and other chanals. This would keep every one happy. I read some where that this would be a bad idea tho there would be no need for the magazines to have it on there cover disk if it was out on the net all ready. Sorry but that dosen´t fly, most demos are available to download long before the Magazines have them on the cover disk and that dosen´t seem to stop the magazines from putting them there. 2. Can´t i wait a few more weeks ? shore i can! But i think this is badly handled bye every one involved, but there is no need for bitching that wont help any one. A petition even is i think it wont change a thing is a good idea to show UBI that wath they do has an impact on the comunity . Remember that we (the consumer) is what makes or brakes UBI. i think many times marketing people in big organisations like ubi loses tutch with the potential byer of the product and this is a way of hopefully draging them back. 3. Will the ones bitching and whining bye the product ? offcorse they will they wouldent be here whining and bitching if they dident have a huge interest in the finished product. 4. Will lo-mac be bugg free on release? I don´t think so it´s a complex game and it´s bound to have buggs left and get patched (hopefully ) 5. I read some where that "You should be thankfull you get any thing and the dev. team dont own you any thing" Yee thats real smart in any other bussines than software development that way of treating your customers would putt you out of bussines in a hurry. Who would accept that attitude from your local chevy dealer " Yee so you orderd o green chevy with black interior, your getting a black with pink interior yest be thankfull we let you bye a chevy att all" I mean C´mon. 6. hope we still be herring as mutch from Carl in the future as we have in the past. tho i for one really appreciate his input and dialog with the comunity. OK thats it :) Sorry for my bad spelling :( Best regards Adamgul
  4. Found this when browsing boards fore patch info. let´s hope this is not true!!!!!! http://forums.frugalsworld.com/vbb/showthr...?threadid=36496 I hope this is a sick yoke!!!!!!

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