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  1. ty that what i was hopeing to find
  2. ok i made a backup How can i mod countrys
  3. man that sucks can i make a back or what
  4. i don't rely type possible alot anyway how whould i mod countrys or r u just going to talk about my spelling
  5. yah i realy wish lomac was like MSFS2004 whare u can just add aircraft with no problum
  6. is it possble to mod countrys like US have a F-4 and have a mecnearie team
  7. which mod for the F/A-18 whould be the best?
  8. yah i got it maby its just because i got the eraly lockon Gold or something!?!
  9. ?!?! i whonder y i don't have it ?!?! may i got it in v1.12a
  10. Air force one

    ah man that sucks i relly wanted to hav a mission with Air Forse 1
  11. oh its the luu-2 or 6 liumanion flares
  12. Air force one

    no no no mod it like thay do with the F-15 to make it a F-16 or F/A-18A/C

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