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  1. is it possble to mod countrys like US have a F-4 and have a mecnearie team
  2. ty that what i was hopeing to find
  3. ok i made a backup How can i mod countrys
  4. man that sucks can i make a back or what
  5. some one shuold give the S-3 a tanker pod so it can act as tanker plane so NATO can be ship base as it whould at the beginig of a war that would be cool "Someone should give the S-3 a tanker pod so it can fill that role. - UNINTELLIGABLE - That would be cool. "
  6. Some one make a F/A-22 mod for lomac the rapter rock OR if u know of one please PLEASE!! tell me or post it here
  7. that whould be cool if someone made the doolittle raid from the baggining of the pusific theaters of WWII
  8. i don't rely type possible alot anyway how whould i mod countrys or r u just going to talk about my spelling
  9. the body of the F/A-18 is gray and the wings , cockpit , and tail is blue ?!?!?!? Y ps i got lomac:fc ,loman for lomac:fc ,and All aircraft mod
  10. yah i realy wish lomac was like MSFS2004 whare u can just add aircraft with no problum
  11. some one should make the KC-10 or the E-3 in to air force one
  12. which mod for the F/A-18 whould be the best?
  13. yah i got it maby its just because i got the eraly lockon Gold or something!?!
  14. ?!?! i whonder y i don't have it ?!?! may i got it in v1.12a
  15. Air force one

    ah man that sucks i relly wanted to hav a mission with Air Forse 1
  16. oh its the luu-2 or 6 liumanion flares
  17. Air force one

    no no no mod it like thay do with the F-15 to make it a F-16 or F/A-18A/C
  18. lol whare did u git that mod or what version is it?!?!
  19. oh you should make a MP mission
  20. on lope it has the f-111 but on lomac it does not Y?!?! if it is what country is it on
  21. thanks i was just whondering
  22. yah but lomac dose not have the S-3B for the refueling task

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