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  1. I'm no pilot, and not even a very good pilot on the computer. Having lot's of fun with the game, and definately was more fun after adjusting the deadband and filtering of my equipment and to my taste. Here's a quick quote from an old book I just found about the Me 109 and it's precursor, the Me 108. This is just one plane in the game, the Me 109. The Me-109 had the tendency - mostly annoying, sometimes lashing swiftly into trouble - to swing to the left during the takeoff roll. Pilots had to be fast and skilled with their use of right rudder. When they pushed the stick forward to raise the nose they had to bring in right rudder in a co-ordinated movement, otherwise the airplane would turn sharply to the left beyond control. Takeoff with a crosswind from the left was regarded by some pilots as an unhappy adventure, and it was necessary to use the right brake as well as rudder until the speed built up. Fun, huh?

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