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  1. That would be an ideal outcome. I hope that is what 1C are up to right now.
  2. I have only flown for an hour maybe? online. But I can understand the frustrations of the onliners with hacks. All online game hacks are for immatures, no matter what their age. However as an offliner, there would be so many improvements that I would love to try. I hate flying the P-47 for the want of a decent gunsite graphic. I go to build missions and lose it half way because of the statics textures. (insert list here... ). IL2 is nearings its end of sales life so I wouldn't expect UBI to be counting on too many more sales after the patch anyways. (Edit - I forgot about Galba.) Anything further to that could be brought about by a modding community. That is why Theatre of War is going to be around for a very long time.

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