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  1. It's an awful movie. Manages to make FlyBoys look great in comparison. have yet to see it on DVD either (Probably too ashamed to show it's face). Will get it as soon as I see available though. If only so I throw it across the room in disgust. Misses out all the really important stuff and in singularly lacking in dogfights for a movie about THE fighter Ace. Historically inaccuate to the point of embaressment at times. Why do film makers feel the need to rewrite history so much, when the truth is actually far more interesting?
  2. Dope and D.II's...

    Its not actually paint. Its a waterproofing/windproofing agent for the cloth. Helps turn the porous eaily soaked linen into a solid surface that wind goes over, and rain runs off. It's generally clear or with a slight browish tinge, which is why most really early planes with just dope and no paint are an off white Linen colour. it also shrinks the cloth as well making it nice and taut. Very handy in adding extra stress bracing to the frame as well. Paint schemes would go on top of the dope.

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