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  1. When I re-install the game to install the patch I cannot see the version of the game. It runs, but I cannot install the patch and I have not changed the default installation path, so that the patch would work. Can somebody help me please. I would really like to play this sim S.O.S. !!!!!! Thanx in advance!
  2. I tried to install the patch and I got message that said "SPF:1 installation could not be found on your system, please try reinstalling the SPF:1". I didn't install the game to the default directory which could be a problem, but I think TK should correct this in the patch because, we should be able to install the game where we want. The patch should search out the files it needs on the user hard drive not just the default location that the game tries to install too! If that is what the reason is, that's all I could come up with though.

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