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  1. Here's what I had to do in order to find the missions,Tagged all the mission in the missions folders created by unzip (Mission14 and Mission2) and copy them into the missions folder I created.They will then show up in the game.The game won't find them if they remain in the folders that are create when you unzip them.Hope this helps.pons thanks for the reply.p.s.I may have had create folders options checked in winzip,gotta check that.
  2. Gentlemen I have dowloaded both missions set from BioHaz.Now where do they go?I created a missions folder in the main dir. of Strike Fighters and extracted them to it.I now find two mission folders in the folder I created ie:missions14 and missions2 with the missions in them.The game doesn't found them at loadup mission screen.Tried copying both missions folder and putting them in the main folder,no go.Could someone please tell me where these folders go in order to be accessed.Thanks.
  3. Great Job Dueces,Downloaded the lite ver install and flew a mission loaded without a hitch.Good Work and Thanks a million.All you guys doing the mods are much appreciated,Thanks again. :D :D
  4. Hey Cyrix how we gonna e-mail you with no e-mail addy?Here's mine,please send me the file.seaace@comcast.net
  5. Same here worked fine before patch did a complete reinstall following instructions now when I go to loadout and hit fly she kicks me back to desktop.created new folder named deuces in terrain folder,copied desert cat files,renamed desert cat file to deuces,unzipped downloaded files into deuces folder.No Joy.

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