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  1. So there I was flying my F-16A over As Sultan Yac'ub. The mission was to destroy some T-62 tanks that where harrassing our ground troops. I had made a few bombing runs on the tanks with my MK-82's. I managed to nail one of the tanks. We then got a call over the radio that there where bogey's inbound. At almost the same instant I got a mission complete radio call from command. So I dropped my remaining A-G ordnance and went looking for MiG's. I spotted one MiG-21 at 12 o'clock high. He was about 1.2 miles away so I figured I would go for the lucky Python 3 shot. I took the shot and watched as my Python smashed into the MiG. Splash One! I then broke hard left and saw a MiG-23 flying away from us. I closed the distance and let loose with another Python 3. This one missed. And so did the next one! So now I was more determined than ever to take this guy down. One of my wingmen was closing the distance with the MiG as well. So I let loose with my last Python 3. I watched in dismay as the MiG broke hard and the missile lost lock and went ballistic. The only thing I had left was guns. So I hit the burner and closed within 300 meters of the MiG. The guy started making lazy left and right turns which threw off my aim. My speed was about 80 knots faster than his so I was closing with him rapidly. 200m, 150m, 100m....I could not hit the bastard!! At this point I was nosed down relative to the MiG at about 50m. So I pulled the stick up hoping for a last second burst. I never got the right angle again and passed within a few feet of the guy. All of a sudden I heard a "You got one!" call from my wingman...HUH? Splash two???? I ended the mission and looked at the kill logs and mission totals. Here is what I found. In this screenshot you can see that the mission was a success and that we all survived. One Netz was damaged....who's Netz could that have been? Note the two enemy aircraft destroyed. Here are my mission stats. I killed one MiG with a Python 3. And I got one additional kill with......N/A? At this point I was confused. So I look at the last few entries of the Log. I found my first MiG kill with the Python 3 at 07:09:39. I then looked for this second mystery kill. It shows that I fired cannon rounds at the MiG 21 at 07:12:25. Those rounds didnt hit. Then mysteriously the logs says that I destroyed the MiG-23 at 07:12:34. But not with guns. I was at around 5 thousand feet during this chase, so a manuver kill is out of the question. I remember hearing the "you got one!" radio call a split second after I almost collided with the MiG. But I didnt ALMOST collide with the MiG...I DID collide with it! I just have clipped some vital control surface on the plane or hit the engine or something because I destroyed the MiG right after I hit it. The flight characteristics on my F-16 where not affected in any way that I could notice. I wish I had thought of checking the exterior view before I ended the mission because this is the most bizzare kill I have ever gotten in a flight sim!

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