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  1. Hello everybody, I am searching for drag and lift information of jet fighters. I was told that I should check out this page. Well, I did download some of the skins with according data-files and checked the content. I would like to know how most of the models were generated, what was the data source? I am especially focussed on the Drag versus Mach and Drag versus Alpha. The other stuff is secondary. My intent is to find out if the drag/lift characteristics of these models are somehow accurate and can be used to get some kind of idea of the real aircraft's performance. Thanks in advance for replies.
  2. Thanks for the reply. You have - if I read correctly - built the MiG-17 aero model. I took a look in it, too. There you have given a more dense Mach-Drag table (M0.1-steps). The lift dependant drag is given as CDL (Drag due to lift) over Alpha. You said that you got the drag information from the Have Drill presentation (I just went through it). Did you "guesstimate" the lateral derivatives? I will try to check how the drag coefficients look when I use total aircraft coefficients. I may ask you as simulator insider: How well do simulation and reality (represented by some basic performance figures) match?
  3. Hi. I've found this topic while searching the forums. I have downloaded your Tornado model and I am trying to understand how the drag data is compiled. For fuselage it looks like this: CD0MachTableNumData=7 CD0MachTableDeltaX=0.40 CD0MachTableStartX=0.00 CD0MachTableData=0.982,1.000,1.059,2.536,2.054,1.830,1.671 Maybe you can give me short answers on following questions: The CD0MachTable gives drag coefficient over Mach number. I guess the data in CD0MachTableData needs to multiplied with CD0=0.0075. Right? The Mach Table is starting with 0, goes on 0.4 and has seven steps, hence the drag coefficients are given for Mach = [0 0.4 0.8 1.2 1.6 2.0 2.4]. Right? Drag coefficients are interpolated between those points. Right? Drag coefficients of several components are added. Right? Is reference area per component, or is the reference area in the AircraftData table used for all coefficients? I really appreciate some insight. Thanks in advance. Links to related topics always welcome. Schorsch

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