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    Interests: aviation, science fiction, fantasy, gaming, politics, martial arts, beer (mmm...beeer)<br /><br />About me: I'm an aviation nut, have been since I was old enough to talk. I'm also a huge gaming nerd (especially D&D). Other interests include but aren't limited to drawing, model aircraft, reading, and tai'chi'chuan. Politically I'm a strong Libertarian, weak Liberal.<br /><br />I'm currently an undergrad student at Middle Tennessee State University, working on a BS in Electronic Media Communication. I'm planning on doing Digital Animation, which I've picked up on my own outside school. I did a brief stint at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, so I've got some training as an aerospace engineer. My real passion though is writing. I'm soon going to be working full time on my first novel, to be called Andreas' War.


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  1. Lawn Darts

    What the hell news are you watching? Al-Jazeera? I have never once heard the press in this country bad-mouthing our military. I turn on the news every night and the talking heads are lauding our soldiers, not cursing them; it's the political leadership that's being railed against. What part of reporting about aircraft going down is anti-military? I didn't see the article praising the insurgents, or calling our pilots evil or incompetent. The reporter didn't have his facts straight about the number of flight hours that are being flown---okay, fine, how does that make this an attack on the military? The article was about losing more aircraft due to combat stress and equipment failure. But, I suppose the facts hate America, don't they?
  2. Shadow (AC-119), Spook (AC-47), Spectre (AC-130/YF-110), and Goblin (F-85) have all been used... How's about Ghost? Ghoul? Zombie? Oni? Revenant?
  3. man, I can't wait to get my hands on that Variable-Ugliness wing Phantom...
  4. In keeping with the McDonnell tradition of naming their fighters after spooky things, I'd suggest like... Mithras or Wraith.
  5. *aviationgasm* OMG, that is AWESOME!!!! A Phantom that doesn't suck... *ducks*
  6. Do I get a watch or something?

  7. Caliber matters, because the sim calculates drag on bullets using the frontal area (based on caliber) and velocity, and I'm guessing there's a drag table in the G1.dat file, and that's what's causing his bullets to go backward since the acceleration force acting on the bullets after they leave the muzzle is based on (75^2 * pi * very large number) divided by (very small number).
  8. I've tried it before using an engine slaved to a different key command from THROTTLE_CONTROL, but the sim doesn't seem to recognize alternate throttle commands :(
  9. your bullets are creating an infinite deceleration due to drag. you need to set the caliber of the weapon to zero, and the projectile weight to 1 gram or so. also, I've noticed during my own laser weapon attempts that the AI doesn't aim very well if there is no tracer.
  10. thirdwire series armageddon? say it aint'so
  11. Yeah, you can fine tune the CBU data to set the release altitude. I've been experimenting with a similar design for an anti-radiation missile, using the cluster bomblets to increase the chance of taking out the SAM installation in one go. A cluster dispenser opening up at mach 3 looks pretty badass. The bomblet distribution pattern is similar to a shotgun blast.
  12. Hmm. Well I tried jacking the drag coefficient for the pylon up to the NASA spec for a flat plate, and it added a bit more drag, but not the expected amount. Well I'll have to keep tweaking, but I think I'm on the right track.
  13. That works for weapon stations? I had no idea! I'll give it a go...

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