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  1. Rookie

    Hey and greetings! You are more than welcome to come fly with us. We have alot of private server training right know but, you can send an email to me if you would like to fly sometime. Welcome! F15.crewchief@hotmail.com http://www.virtual9thaf.com/ninth/index.ph...ge&Itemid=1
  2. cant play online

    Welcome to fly with us when are up :) Alot of times there are private servers goin on, but if you wish you are more than welcome to fly with us some. http://www.virtual9thaf.com/ninth/index.ph...ge&Itemid=1 Rooster
  3. Greetings all!! This is Rooster from the Ninth Air Force, I am part of a new squadron completely redone, specializing in the F-15. There has been alot of internal work going on here spanning 7 months, to create a training program that will be unique, and challenging. The program is complete with online testing centers, Variety of in house documents, and training missions designed to bring a new pilot all the way to an advanced level of play in the F-15. The Fighter Wing Training Program is complete and ready for new pilots. The Join Us! page is open for applications for the Fighter Wing. I will contact and meet on Teamspeak anyone who is interested. Open for Business Finally! Thanks. Feel free to Register with the site and check it out! Have a great day to all. http://www.virtual9thaf.com/ninth/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1 Thanks so much, Colonel Matt Sartin "Rooster" 9th Air Force Command Staff 1st Fighter Wing Commander F-15 Eagle Driver

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