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  1. Hi Deuces, thanks for your help.Still cant get euro to work.If i click on security catalog it displays this is an invalid catalog file.Is this normal. After i have followed all your steps if i click on Deuces folder there are three items displayed. Deuces {set of papers in a yellow band} program files {briefcase} readme{with an internet logo} stuck please help,once again thankyou for your assistance
  2. hi deuces,sorry to bother u.Loaded eurotile ver2 onto patched strike fighter.2 problems .couldnt find desert .cat file in terrain/desert.3 files in there where security catalog, configuration settings, desert_dogfight. next problem u state extact all files except campaign.zip well there was no campaign.zip file showing anyway, :shock: is this correct.hope u can understand my ramblings.many thanks andy

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