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  1. Dear Mr Silverbolt, I read your post in the insky.cn forum. Your translation is lovely So far as I know, there is someone making the 3d model for the what-if J14,but right now he is focusing on other mod. BTW, thank you for visiting our forum, it's OK to use English there
  2. Thank you a lot! I'll Keep trying
  3. the problem is that we have made the animation in the model yet the game engine just don't recognize it and we set the controller to TCB control
  4. Is it possible for me to control the wing light and landing light manually? If so, how can I make it? by the way, how can I make the landing gears rotating? is it animated by the engine automatically?
  5. By the way, I remembered that you move the bar on the YF-23 for the Raptor mod. How did you make it? because the Gripen also have a bar right on the centerline of canopy, if I want to remove it ,what should I do?
  6. Dear friends from the Jas39C modding group, I am developing a J10 mod at the present.Yet unluckily, the cockpit model for J10 is still building yet. So would you please provide us the permission to using modified Jas39 cockpit? Thank you very much!
  7. At present, our WIP J-10 mod is using a flight model modified from the Mirage Factory's FM for the falcon series. In the further stage of development of the mod, I wanted to try to make a flight model of J10 its own yet I do no quite understand the ini code right now,so is there a tutorial ? or could somebody help me please? Thanks
  8. Many many thanks to XiaoK and Rick for the Great Model, Tomcat for the skin! and also fast cargo and you guys for great suggestion, It's not my great work, it is everyone's endeavor making it come true. Still piles of bug to fix,see you later! :yes:
  9. yeah,the LOMAC one has already been developed into V2.1 but we just started making it a mod for WOE
  10. As Tomcat and I did not get the texture used in the Lock on mod Mr Tomcat made one by his own,still work in progress Thank you, Mr Tomcat!
  11. thanks fast cargo:) and how can I edit a posted thread? I can't find the edit button
  12. For the pilots who are interested in thei nSky XiaoK&Rick's J-10 mod in this thread http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=26213 here is some more information: the v2.1 mod for lock on: flaming cliff http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=28421 i don't know if this is the latest version in our chinese forum, the latest one is the V2.1 I will check it for you later a vedio by inSky:swords engaged alsohttp://www.56.com/u24/v_Mjg3MjUxNDk.html I am still a rookie, learning while making the mod, at present, the progress is stopped for kind of the 3dsmax problem... So what do you think of this if it is imported into the SFP series? Really need your feedback. Thank you very much!
  13. Hello pilots! Could you tell me if there is any mod made on the multiple player part of the SFP series? I feel TW series is not designed for multiple player,at least it doesn't got a online code as powerful as other sim like Lock On. I truly love this game.But I'm afraid that it would be dying for the online part while it is a necessity for popular PC games(not only just flight sim) what do you think?and where can I check for a online mod? Any kind of the online mod is OK

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