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  1. Nun auch in Deutsch

    Hallo alle zusammen.... Ich grüße euch aus der Hauptstadt BERLIN... Ich spiele IL2 FB (zur Zeit) ansonsten habe fast alle KampfflugSIMs der letzen 15 Jahre geflogen. Bin ein alter Sack, Baujahr 1965.... :yes: Auf deutsch ist es doch gleich viel einfacher zu schreiben als in englisch. siehe auch hier: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=24826 Schönen Tag für alle wünscht: Andrew
  2. Hi Brain32, thank you for your fast reply. I found the servers you mentioned, but i am still confused !!! WHY ? Because when i want to join the server says:" wrong version:you need vers. 4.08" Ok. My version is 4.07 and i think its no problem to patch to v4.08... BUT... When the game is loading it is not loading "IL2 1946" but it is loading "IL2 FB AEP v.2.04" which is also on my harddisk. I tried to redirect the path to "1946" in the lobby and in the REGISTRY but it doesn´t work.( or i dont know how to do it) Then i deinstalled the HyperLobby Client and reinstalled it, but still its loading "FB AEP"... I am very confused now, with all that different versions of the game. I thought that when i have "1946" it is "downward compatible" so i can play FB,PF,AEP and 1946... The other way around is: When i try to connect via UBI.COM to the CYS-Server it says: "wrong version: you need v.2.04" but i have 4.07 ?? Arrgh...very confusing... So do i have to deinstall the "IL2 FB AEP" version? But then i cant connect to a server with "FB AEP" ? Maybe I find out myself the next days...Maybe some of you experienced players can give me a clue... I know you heard this maybe a hundred times or so, but i need some HELP... Thanks... Andrew
  3. Hallo everybody, I was playing IL2 FB AEP via UBI.com Lobby on the CYS ("Check your Six") Sever for a month or so now. But yesterday I bought IL2 1946. When I was on HyperLobby I saw many servers there, so which one to choose? I played on CYS because this server offers a statistic web-page where you can see which guy had howmany "kills", flown which plane, and so on. I really love that statistics, cause so i compete against the other pilots on a long term. I love to see which one is the ACE of ACEs after a month or so. So here is my question to you guys who hopefully know what i am seeking: Which server on HyperLobby offers also a statistic page ? Ok, maybe i could find out myself, but i hope you´ll give me a clue, so i can save some time on searching and trying out? Also i want to mention here, that i am playing FlightSims for over 20 years now. I want to have a real challange, not a server full of newbies, which cant even get the plane in the air, and crashing during take-off. So could anyone help me here? I just installed 1946 and want to go online....(to shoot you down... ..) Thanks a lot for reading this... Even more thanks if you reply... Have a nice day, Andrew
  4. Hallo, and thank you, Grooshkov for fast reply. And after just one day (my first) of online flying, i met you at ubi.com and remembered your name. But there are not many servers. Do you always fly online via ubi.com? Are there online-leagues or challenges? Maybe you can introduce me to online flying. I have been online racing with "GrandPrixLegends" racesim and here now with online-flying i saw the same s**t as on the racing servers. Someone taxing on the ground and shoot everybody with the gun. There are crazy people out there trying to do "funny" things. But there is also the good things and the fun. When i shoot an AWACS Plane on one server i got a "good shot" chat message. Thats great. Are there some rules for flying? A way how to behave? For example: Always taxi and takeoff with nav-lights on. Don´t shoot your team mates. (it happened to me: beeing shoot be a friendly unit, just for fun??) So what is the way to fly. Are there some unwritten rules? My nickname flying online, by the way, is: "FUFFZich" And thanks to ruggbutt for reply. Bye... ANDREW
  5. Hi everbody, I am a new member, aged 42 years. I´ve been involded in military flight sims since the early 1980s. I still flying with LOMAC. But here is my question: I read everywhere "Flaming Cliffs". What is that? A addon? I never heard of it. ( I am using the internet since March 2007) Can anybody help to stop my confusion? Someone here who has the nerv to show a newbie (to this forum, not to flying) the good stuff? Greetings, Andrew

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