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  1. I do the same, but its because I don't want all my squadron mates flying around in the air while I'm trying to keep my eyes on the bogey. Too many times I've maneuvered onto a plane's tail only to see when I get close enough that its friendly.
  2. I'd like a Su-24 better than a Su-25, but in my book more Su's of any kinds would be great. BTW about the whole 2 weeks joke thing, there have been soooo many companies/dev teams that make the mistake about naming a release date. I don't think the joke originated from any one incident. You never tell people the release date, because chances are you're not going to meet it - atleast with a satisfactory product (Wal-Mart fiasco).
  3. I'd love for every add-on plane to have its own cockpit accurately modeled after the actual one in real life. That would be totally awesome. Right now the MiG-21s have the best cockpits, as well as the Su-17. I know thats the hardest part to model, though.
  4. Alright, I'm going to try the IranIraq campaign again, thanks for the info kukulino. I think maybe the cockpit doesn't work for my WOE PFM because I downloaded it, its not a stock AI PFM that I made flyable. I can't really think of any other reason, because like I said I installed to SFP1 the same way I did with WOE and it works perfectly for SFP1. I'm not really concerned about it, I like my SFP1 install better than my WOE.
  5. It works with SFP1, but not WOE. I installed SFP1 because I wanted to convert it to the Iran/Iraq campaign, but I couldn't get that to work. It has something to do with the weapons pack I think, like maybe I'm installing the weapons pack (the newest one, July) without patching SFP1 which is causing an error. What happens is I launch the game but before it loads the IranIraq menu I get one of those message boxes that ask if I want to send an error report to Microsoft or w/e. But the IranIraq instructions don't mention anything about patches, and I just assumed that it needed a completely untampered SFP1 install. ANYWAYS, like I said Paladrian's cockpit for my PFM works fine. I installed it the same way I did with WOE. BTW Paladrian its a real sharp cockpit, very accurate.
  6. I've had the MiG-21 PFM Fishbed-F for awhile and I just downloaded the F/PF/PFM cockpit for it by Paladrian, but I'm having trouble installing it. The instructions are a little vague for me (I'm very new to this game and modding community, if it weren't for the weapons pack I'd be screwed). It says its a self-extracting .rar, and to extract it in the main game directory. I have WOE, and the readme only mentions Project 1 and WOV, so is that the problem? Because when I extracted the file where it told me to I basicly just ended up with the files scattered around in my MiG-21PFM Aircraft folder. I was under the impression that all of the modifications are universal to SFP1, WOV, and WOE. And when I started the game to see if anything changed, I had two completely new MiG-21s in my drop down menu that were never mentioned at all by the readme. I'm really confused.
  7. Thanks for the help, that is going to make it waaay easier. I'm learning pretty fast, I'm able to dogfight now once I actually get close to the bandits. I was just in a long duel with a MiG-17 (I was in an IDF Mirage III) and it was a lot of fun. Sometimes though I'll still hear my wingman say bandits and after looking around for a bit they're gone. But I'll use your techniques, I'm sure they will help. And one more little question: how do you get the rest of your flight to have the same paint scheme and markings as you? I know its unrelated but I don't want to start another thread on it.
  8. Well I've gotten better at radar missiles, its actually pretty easy to get kills. But once my wingman calls "Bandits!," I usually just fly in circles for 10 minutes looking around and either get shot down or give up and fly to the next way point lol. I don't know how you guys do it. The only time I can spot enemy planes is when I see their vapor trails up in the blue part of the sky, or very rarely when I'm above them and their trails are noticeable. I get real frustrated usually because I'll spot a trail after 5 minutes of looking, and either it just turns out to be my wingman or I lose track of it after maneuvering a little, and then I'm clueless again. Maybe it just takes practice. How do you guys usually spt an enemy plane? I just can't see how its possible unless they have vapor trails. It seems to me that the pixels aren't even rendered unless the plane is less than a mile away.
  9. Hi, I was wondering what settings most of you guys play on, specifically hud and radar settings. I started playing with the hud on medium, but I've been trying to play with it on hard, and it seems nearly impossible. The only kills I've made so far with hard hud settings were on 2 Foxbats with my guns. I had no success with missiles because by the time I could actually see them well enough, they were too close! I enjoy the authentic feeling, but I just can't see the bandits. Radar guided missiles are just as hard, because I have to use the radar to determine where the bandits are before I can use boresight to lock on. I changed the radar settings to hard as well, but it didn't really seem to change anything. So what do you guys do? Am I missing something? Oh and whats the point of visual targetting when the hud display is on hard? Does that turn visual targetting off? Sorry for all the questions.

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