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  1. Hello I recently got a new computer and after installing Wing Over Europe and the pre Strike Fighters 2 weapons editor, it refuses to work even after I set the compatibility to Windows 98. I apologize if this has been addressed, but I searched the forum high and low and could not find a solution to the problem Thanks!!
  2. I was wondering how one goes about modifying the avionics data so that you can track and lock on to enemy aircraft at longer ranges. Thanks!!
  3. Hello everyone, I recently downloaded this terrain and while flying I have noticed that beyond the coastal areas there are patches of water that flicker constantly. I have tried the method suggested in the knowledge base for editing the water level, but to no avail. Thanks
  4. Hello, i recently installed the modification that makes the Iranian F-14 in the A/B/D versions. My problem is that in the installation read me it says that only the F-14A has high viz markings while the other two models have low viz. When I installed skins from this website on the F-14B/D they do not show up. Where exactly can one find these low-viz skins? Thanks!
  5. here is what I did from the start.....as you said 1. I installed WOE with most recent patches 2. I then downloaded the massive cumulative weapons pack here 3. After installing it I deleted the weapons.dat that came with it 4. I then downloaded the most recent weapons editors from the thirdwire site 4. I opened the weapons.ini file and then closed the weapons editor 5. I ran WOE and it has been working beautifully. Also you may need to make the weapons editor run in compatibility mode.
  6. A while back I remember seeing a post somewhere where someone had edited in a Navigator who you could see when you looked over to the left in the F-111's cockpit. Could someone point me in the direction for where I could find more information about this? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the quick reply's, I figured it out, I just had to create the Pavetack as a Laser designator not weapon station. Thanks for the reply's!!
  8. Hello, I have recently downloaded the F-111 and I would like to use the F-111F and its Pave tack laser designator. The problem I have is I am unsure of how to proceed with regards to the new patch in WOE. Do I have to adjust more than the avionics file because when I equip Laser guided bombs on this aircraft they fail to track and I have no TV screen display within the cockpit when I select guided weapons. Thanks!!
  9. I must say that I am impressed with the BVR capability of the new AI, during a CAS mission I watched as my escort of 8 F/A-18's wiped out at least 10 MIG-23's it was quite impressive and cleared the way for me.
  10. I have a bit of a problem, regardless of what variant of the Tornado I select to fly the only External Tanks I can choose from are the basic white on top and green bottom tanks, the German, Italian, Saudi, Desert Storm choices do not show up in the weapons selection screen. Are there some INI edits I need to perform in order to make the other choices available? Thanks!

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