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  1. Wheel Brakes While Landing

    I can land just fine every time now. I read on these forums, however, that wheel brakes shouldn't be used when landing. What, then, are the wheel brakes used for? Just for taxiing? The remark made on here stated that using your wheel brakes would burn out the brakes on a real f-16. So, how is one supposed to slow down enough to taxi and not going flying off the other end of the runway? Does it have to do with aerobraking, only?
  2. Thank you MigBuster, I reinstalled using the .exe that I already had--thought I should attempt this before downloading the game again--and the problem is fixed:)
  3. White, and they have no numbers or anything; just the shape.
  4. I recently bought Strike Fighters 2 and noticed that some skins seem to be missing. While on a campaign, I noticed that mig-17 had green skins while j-6? farmers and mig-21s had no skins. Is this normal? Did something get messed up during install?
  5. I'm guessing the proper way to takeoff goes something like this: 1. Disengage wheel brakes. 2. Throttle up. 3. Pull up lightly around 150 knts. 4. When airborne, raise landing gear and flaps
  6. Okay, is there any tutorials for the sim then?
  7. I can take off from the runway and play the game just fine, but the only problem is that I am one of those people that sweat the small stuff. I was wondering if there is a tutorial on taking off in strike fighters 2 vietnam, europe, or just sf2?
  8. How to navigate steerpoints using Simplified Radar

    Thank you:) I'm not really interested in the wind speed and all that other info. I'm just trying to get to the right place at the right time. Does this basic info, pictured in my DED, contain all the bare essentials?
  9. Is that hard to do?
  10. First of all, I know the game is a much better experience using realistic avionics/radar, I know. I personally like the simplified radar. So, here is my question. While navigating I look at my steerpoint screen and see some info that really does nothing for me. However, when I press the Stpt button on the aircraft, I get a cool looking screen that--I think--tells me how long it will take me to get to the stpt and what altitude I need to be. Is this screen correct? Should I use this screen to navigate waypoints correctly? If so, what is the purpose of the screen that shows up BEFORE you press the stpt key? Here is an image to show you the screen I am talking about:
  11. will those mods work with sf2?
  12. Hello, I installed USAF and Superpro 9.4 on my vista 32. I have everything working just fine, except for my video card screwing up. I have a nvidia Geforce 8800gt 1024 mb video card, and apparently Nvidia has stopped making cards compatible with older games? I can play the game, but I only get around 1 fps and the screen seems to slowly fade in to the cockpit. Any suggestions, fixes, or solutions?
  13. Thank you both:) That answers my question perfectly
  14. I bought both SFII Europe and SFII Vietnam. When I start up Europe, I can see the Vietnam campaigns in the selection as well. Do these games interlock with each other? In other words, does one game support the other?

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