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  1. If I were TK, I would market and make it a new product, I will be the first one to pay for it!!
  2. Fancy such a brilliant idea! You reminded me about another Flight Simulation game which was released a long time ago by Novalogic, F-22, F-16 Vs MiG-29. Novalogic created a Novaworld in which players can play up against each other combing different games together. I think Thirdwire games are mature and up to this improvement, and it is about time to move forward indeed. An in-game editor will also be very good. But I think your mod is really another game because the effort required to build it will be huge.
  3. The "Clear Sky" is banded into two colours. This is less desirable. http://photoshack.com/displayimage.php?pos=-20117
  4. The most successful feature of this patch is fixing the widescreen format 16:10. Prior to the patch, the radar displayed up at the top right hand corner of the screen was actually not squared in shape but a rectangle. Now the sepct ratio is done properly. Antoher great feature is that Soviet jet fighters like MiG-17 goes on to the guns while climbing firing at enemy aircrafts, also MiG-27 dispenses flares while doing a 30 degree bank and pulling on the stick. The AI work is an obvious improvement. I am also excited to see a squadron of MiG-17s bank gently and make turn gradually which renders real aerodynamics. Prior to the patch, like many other sims incuding Falcon 4, AI aircrafts can bank by 60 to 80 degrees in a flash! and then pull back on the stick like there is no blackout or G values!! I would think that was cheat before. Anyhow, the patch is a great work except that it kills too many frame rates.
  5. Manfred, You have brought a really good topic here. You will find in all the games in the Third Wire series, aircrafts are not proprtional to their real world counterparts. For example, you will find an AI MiG-21 shoot down a F-22 in the game USING just GUN!! Whilst most of the features of the game are historically accurate without modification, because the game actually emphasizes on close distance dogfighting, so close dogfighting capable aircrafts like MiG-21 stands a good chance to dedeat a once state-of-the-art fighter like the F-15 or F-16. If you want your F-15 to be "backward compatible" with the the MiG-21, just change the INI file to make the MiG-21 invisble to you and yourAI wingmen.
  6. Is the M version still in active service? If you are a true lover of MiG-29M, you should have watched this:
  7. lindr2 Are you going to introduce 4 pylons on each wing? The M version seems to have 4 pylons on ach wing. The outer-most carries IRM, the inner takes AHM and the remaining 2 inner-most can take Kh-31P. Centre line is ...I don't know. But this version I am showing you seems to be able to fit an Kh-31P in the centre line.
  8. How this MFD works

    Have you played with this product before? http://www.chproducts.com/retail/mfp.html
  9. This configuration should make the MiG "undownable"
  10. Just want to unleash some of the parameters which are not present in the INI files.
  11. I don't tink a DLL editor can enable us to view and even edit the AircraftObject.dll file. Most DLL editor only provides you with a Disaasembler. And you can't read the source code in C!
  12. After the modification, a MiG-21bis carrying its default Loadout fired in salvo mode 2 AA-2 and hit me like that. Crippled
  13. Have you then tried changing the Aircraft_DATA.INI file? The BlindArc parameter? If you "cheat" by making BlindArc= leaving ti blank, then AI pilot can actually see his six which in reality is not possible.
  14. One thing worries me most right this moment is the game engine itself tells the ground attack flight groups to dumb off their loadouts and evade. And it seems that the code is inside the .DLL file not any .INI file which is editable. Funniest thing is that includes bombers about to take off from the runway. this feature hinders me from designing some really realistic mission.

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