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  1. TrackIr doesn't track at all

    Hi Jim, Quick question, Do you have a Saitek throttle quadrant by any chance? I have one and when I first boot up with Track Ir it doesn't work until I move the center control up and down. Then all of a sudden my Track Ir is working perfectly! Weird, but whatever works! Dale
  2. Warp kills anti-aliasing

    Thanks very much Gents! Dale
  3. OFF Game Loading Error

    Hi, Not sure if this helps, and you may have already tried this, but if you leave one of your CFS3 discs in your drive when you start OFF it may eliminate that error message. Hope that might work for you! Dale
  4. Hi all! I have kind of a weird glitch occuring, and I didn't see that anyone had reported it before. I have a really quick system so I have anti-aliasing at 16xQ. So, usually, my aircraft looks great from all views. However, if I hit "X" and warp I get a weird problem. When I drop out of warp it looks like my anti-aliasing has went to non-existent. (suddenly the rigging wires, gunsight, terrain, etc. are all ragged edges) I apologize if this has been reported before, but I did a search and also checked the F.A.Q.s and couldn't locate the same issue. Anyone have any ideas? Or has anyone seen this before? I am hoping the fix isn't to "just don't warp"! Thanks everyone for the help! Dale
  5. Force Feedback strength (increase?)

    Hi, My MS FF2 is the USB version. I can adjust the setting to max strength in IL-2 via the actual program (in addition to the config window in my Control Panel/game controllers) What my question basically comes down to is if there is an additional slider in OFF that maybe I am missing. Is there just the one button that reads "Force Feedback on" or is there also a slider that you can move the strength setting up for OFF specifically? My guns fire at full strength, and I am getting Force Feedback, but it just doesn't seem quite realistic. But maybe that's just because the aircraft are wood and fabric as opposed to aluminum and armor like in IL-2. Thanks, Dale
  6. Force Feedback strength (increase?)

    Thank you, I will try a German craft and check out the difference. Dale
  7. Hi all, I did a search on this forum and couldn't track anything down. My question is pretty simple: Is there a way to increase the Force Feedback strength in OFF? I have it set at full in the config file, and of course have the Force Feedback boxes checked off, but it seems that the overall feedback in OFF feels a little light, as opposed to some of my other flight sims that really make you work. I have great feedback when I fire guns, but just the overall flight seems a little tame. I was wondering if maybe I am missing a slider somewhere or something? Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks very much, Dale
  8. Saitek Throttle Quadrant and OFF

    Thanks alot Mark! I will give it a try tonight. (although I did like the "magic" explanation! That's how I explain a lot of things to my 5 year old!! :yes: Dale
  9. Saitek Throttle Quadrant and OFF

    Disable throttle axis in controls? Never even thought of that, I will give it a try tonight! Thanks!
  10. Hi all, I picked up a Saitek Throttle Quadrant (throttle, prop pitch and mixture) recently to go with my MS FF2. It works great with IL-2, but I couldn't seem to get it to work with OFF. I did some searching via Google and found a couple of posts where people stated that OFF didn't (wouldn't?) recognize more than one controller at a time, which seemed to be the case with me as well. I would go into the "assign controller buttons" section and move the throttle quadrants up and down to no avail. The config settings just wouldn't recognize it. I figured "oh well, it's still an awesome sim and my joystick throttle works so no worries". But then, pretty much by accident, while flying in OFF I bumped the Mixture control on my quadrant and all of a sudden my rpms drop even though I was at full throttle on my joystick. Realizing what I had done, I moved the Mixture control back up and my engine came back up...suddenly I had throttle control from my quadrant! Anyway, long story short, if anyone else has one of these throttle quadrants and can't seem to make it work when you already have a joystick installed try moving the Mixture (red) control on your quadrant and you may find out it will work as your throttle! (But don't move the other controls on the quadrant, it seems to mess up your TrackIr temporarily if you do!) Hope that helps everyone out and sorry if someone else has already given this advice. Dale
  11. Enemy aircraft on maps

    Thanks so much! I love easy fixes! Appreciate the help, thanks again! Have a great day, Dale
  12. Enemy aircraft on maps

    Hi all! I was just wondering if there is a way to remove enemy aircraft from the map when I open it. I would prefer to not know where enemy aircraft are lurking, and when I check my map while flying it always shows where the enemy are. I was thinking that maybe there is a line of code or something that I can disable which will make enemy aircraft invisible to me on the map. Thanks all and have a great day! Dale
  13. ButtKicker Gamer

    Hi all, I just wrote a quick overview in the IL-2/Pacific Fighters Forum here on Combat Ace of a great new add-on out there called the "ButtKicker Gamer". If you want to go check it out, I give it a huge "2 thumbs up!". Here is a great review of it: http://www.cluboverclocker.com/reviews/sou...icker/index.htm Just wanted to let everyone know about it. It really works great with First Eagles because there is so much flak bursts, etc. Thanks, Dale
  14. Hi all, Just wanted to let you all know about this great add-on for any flight simmers. It's called the "ButtKicker Gamer", from Guitammer. It's basically a subwoofer that you attach to your desk chair (really easy hook up, trust me if I can do it anyone can!) I was really impressed with the effect of having this hooked up. Flak is amazing, firing your guns is also incredible! The cool thing is that if there is flak in the distance, you just feel a slight vibration. Then as the flak starts bursting closer you really start getting booted! And it's all vibration, not sound, so you can have it working and not have everyone else complaining for you to turn down the sound. I've used it in 1946 and in First Eagles and am having a blast. I attached a link to a really good review of it. I got mine for only 90 bucks (including shipping) from Amazon.com. It's really worth it, and no I don't work for the company :) Check it out: http://www.cluboverclocker.com/reviews/sou...icker/index.htm
  15. Looks like a driver update is necessary for me! Thanks for the help! Dale

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