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  1. Installing Missions

    Thanks, SD I'm convinced if I load missions that belong in BHAH I'll be OK. Went into Campaigns yesterday. Ton of fun. Configured "easy".........not used to stalling out so much with the WWII AC I've been using. spit
  2. Installing Missions

    S D All I have in missions folder is: frontlineperiod historical training whatif blank_mission frontend.......and Mission Builder Readme spit
  3. Installing Missions

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I extracted OBD mission folder to desktop (just an old habit I formed with CFS2-I intended to keep it there for ease of use, thinking the original would stay in place). Moved PD's stuff into that folder. When trying to start game and use missions, I got an error message that I needed to reinstall CFS3 disk 1 and BHAH complete. (I did place OBD mission folder back where it belonged prior to trying new PD missions (so I thought). I have only had the game for a few days and haven't tried Campaigns yet. Excited to do so. I'm no whiz with a puter and do not intend to be. PD was a huge help to me when OFF first started and sent me lots of disks and advice. I've since moved up to broadband from dial-up. Good to know Phase 3 stuff will work with BHAH. Started all this with Red Baron 2 and CFS1 many years ago. Recently decided there is room in retirement for flight sims again. WWI has special appeal. May even look at multi-play after I practice a bit. I'll make another attempt to get me some more missions later. Thanks! spit
  4. Just bought BH&H (7/18/09). Very pleased with performance. Would like to install additional missions. Tried some of old pilotsden stuff from SOH but ended up having to reinstall game when using the old copy and paste method. Any suggestions? spitune

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