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  1. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue demo released

    There was a tournament here in Bulgaria and the winner gets a PS3 along with GT5 demo ,the participants had 3 laps with the celica rally car on the eiger circuit, the fastest time was 1.05,987 , I made a 3rd best time but hte judge said that i cannot win a ps3 with that and there is no point to sign me in , i already had tried once and i made a 1,07 the first time and that was my only time , and 2 weeks after the tournament end i received a phonecall that i have finished 3rd with my first time , and when i got to the awards "ceremony" they told me that i was fourth and I get just a headset not a surround system as the woman on the phnoecall said. But I still know that im the second best in Bulgaria on this game no matter what some people say
  2. Ace Combat anyone?

    Hi I just registered on this great forum and I see there are other people who like ace combat , I've played the all but only the second game has stayed in my heart, it has a rather good story but the music is fantastic the scenario I love it :yes:

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