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  1. The Republic of Korea Air Force will be retiring its remaining 19 F-4E Phantom IIs on June 7th, 2024, bringing an end to 55 years of service. South Korea operated around 200 F-4s, including F-4Ds, F-4Es, and RF-4Cs. After it was announced that the F-4s would be retired, they were seen at several exercises in the months and weeks leading to retirement firing off AIM-7 Sparrows and AGM-142 Popeyes. A flight of four aircraft took to the skies on a farewell tour around South Korea, flying over locations key to the F-4's ROKAF history and were escorted by the new KAI KF-21 Boramae. Much like when the USAF retired the QF-4E and Luftwaffe retired the F-4F ICE, South Korea took the time to paint two aircraft in historic liveries, including the SEA camo they were first delivered in and an overall light grey scheme. Sad times for us Phantom Phanatics as South Korea retires its F-4s and Greece not far behind.
  2. Toss up between a few different aircraft, but I think I can narrow it down to F-4, F-100, F-105, and Tornado IDS/ADV.
  3. It's been years since I've messed with this game, I'd certainly be interested in taking this time and opportunity to relearn, learn, and finally give back. Enjoyed digging through data inis as a teenager and I'm willing to do that again.
  4. I bet the F-100F was a primary point of interest for many people who downloaded YAP-RW when it was available. Certainly was for me! Reading through the three active threads on the subject does clear up some confusion and questions I had about YAP-RW too.
  5. I believe those came with WOV/SF2V.
  6. New Intruders are very appreciated! Thank you GKABS and team!
  7. Royal Navy Trident launch failure

    Better now in a test than if it ever needed to carry out its duty.
  8. Forrestal class aircraft carrier

    Much welcome addition! DCS and MSFS held the monopoly on a Forrestal for too long lol
  9. Tom Clancy Fighter Wing and Executive Orders come to mind seeing these!
  10. I saw a copy of Wings Over Europe on the shelf at Best Buy in the summer of 2006. Up to that point my flying games were Ace Combat or MSFS 2004. I tried LOMAC but my 13 year old dumbass didn't know what computer specs were so it barely worked on my home PC. I played it bone stock for about a year and then discovered that there were indeed mods for it when I found Column 5's old website and CombatAce soon after.
  11. An outstanding mod gets better. Truly appreciate the passion you all put into this mod.
  12. Wait, really?! All those megatons of conventional and nuclear weapons wasted!
  13. First rotation in South East Asia ended with 40 missions. On my 36th, I spotted an An-2 over our target and gave it a blast from my M61. Towards the end of July and through August there were more MiGs and more SAMs. I'll be volunteering to go back.
  14. 2023 Income Drive

    Did what I could for now. Hopefully I can donate more this year or next year.
  15. Twenty missions in and the SAM threat around Hanoi grows. Scored the squadron's first MiG kill by dumb luck. Caught a MiG-17 that was flying slowly after I'd just completed my dive on a target. A couple bridges here and there but still a lot of sheds, bunkers, and suspected ammo and POL sites. The lack of secondaries makes me doubt we hit anything. NMC finally let us hit an airfield, just the POL storage though. Those MiG-17s were just sitting pretty on the tarmac. NMC also scrubbed a mission as we were preparing to step. Bridge strikes still have frequent misses, so we're trying to hit them with AGM-12 Bullpups now. Took out a smaller road bridge so I think they might be put to use on some of the others we strike.

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