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  1. Oh that’s interesting. Definitely explains why! Thanks
  2. Your First Sim

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, followed by Wings Over Europe. I apologize for making any of you feel old. Truth be told it definitely seems like I missed the golden age of flight sim options.
  3. Flying the F-4C in 1986 is a challenge. You hope for the F-15s to take on the Flankers, Fulcrums, and Flogger Ks, but no they're off dealing with some Frogfoots, so it's up to the Weekend Warriors from California in their 20 year old crates to deal with them.
  4. Just tried it for the first time. It's a fun change! T-33s and Sea Furys prove to a decent opponent for a Scooter. Encountered the same early ending after only two missions though. Is it possible that the campaign ends if too much of the enemy air force is destroyed?
  5. Figured as much. Guess it's time to do the Vietnam thing and stuff some chaff into the airbrakes with some ini editing.
  6. Playing NATO Fighters V 1986 campaign, rather bravely I might add, in the Cali ANG F-4C. To my surprise it has no chaff or flares! Would the F-4Cs being flown by the Air National Guard in the 1980s really not have countermeasures?
  7. Been away from this for too long. Little bit of Wild Weasel IV action to get back into it. Ended up getting smacked out of the sky by an SA-11...some things never change!
  8. OTC was always one of my favorite mods so I'm excited to try this!
  9. US OKs $3B NASAMS, MRADS for Kuwait

    Oh hell yeah this keeps me employed too lol
  10. Ukrainian MiGs with HARMs

    Ukraine MoD has released a video showing AGM-88s on a MiG-29
  11. I never have time to play SF2 anymore, but I still enjoy coming here and seeing the new mods, especially all the recent insurgent and Taliban stuff you've been making, GKABS. PS: I don't want to be that guy, but it's Afghan. Afghani is the currency
  12. EF-101D Jammin VooDoo. What If...

    Should be fun! Thanks
  13. Been a hot minute since I've been able to play SF2 at all since I changed shifts at work, but last weekend I finally upgraded to the current version of the mod. Still an awesome job done by all. Really enjoy it. Game suddenly decided it won't work anymore on my computer, but that's either on SF2 or my hardware. Due for an upgrade anyway!
  14. Two Decades

    Wow 20 years! Congrats Erik and all CA staff! I won't bring up how young old I was 20 years ago

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