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  1. Hey Slack Asses......

    Well, not contractor in that sense. Manufacturer is the word I should have used.
  2. Hey Slack Asses......

    @Dave Well since you're really asking. I'm out of the Army and now work for a major defense contractor.
  3. Hey Slack Asses......

    Oh, you know. Stuff.
  4. R Lee Ermey Dead at 74

    I grew up watching him on Mail Call. Rest in Peace, Gunny. You've been an inspiration to at least two generations of veterans, myself included.
  5. Update 04/04

    No apology needed, Erik. Thank you for your continued efforts.
  6. Croatia's new jet fighter

    Congrats to Croatia! Glad they've finally come to a decision.
  7. Funny, all I ever get are missions to attack airbases when flying F-15Es.
  8. So what shows are you hooked on?

    Also looking forward to season three of Man in the High Castle! Lately though, I've been binge watching older stuff. Specifically 24 and X-Files (Gillian Anderson ). Manhattan was good, shame it got the axe. Also enjoying Narcos and Dirty Money on Netflix. As a motorsports fan, the Scott Tucker episode was particularly interesting.
  9. Jonathan, I can't thank you enough for bringing us The Scandinavian Front. It's always been a favorite of mine.
  10. Doesn't the AH-64 mod come with pilots too?
  11. Make sure the drivers for the controller are up to date. Also, download the Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories program.
  12. YF-23A Wizard (Ace Combat Zero)

    Very nice. Will you be doing Gault?
  13. I never gave much thought to the Vautour in the past. Might have to give it a go in a campaign now.

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