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  1. EF-101D Jammin VooDoo. What If...

    Should be fun! Thanks
  2. Been a hot minute since I've been able to play SF2 at all since I changed shifts at work, but last weekend I finally upgraded to the current version of the mod. Still an awesome job done by all. Really enjoy it. Game suddenly decided it won't work anymore on my computer, but that's either on SF2 or my hardware. Due for an upgrade anyway!
  3. Two Decades

    Wow 20 years! Congrats Erik and all CA staff! I won't bring up how young old I was 20 years ago
  4. Got a promotion.

    Congrats! Making a career out of the Army?
  5. Taliban's new arsenal, HOLY FUDGE

    I've read that the numbers in this chart are from 2017. Fair to say the numbers are wrong considering the amount of pilots that fled to Uzbekistan with their aircraft. Same. Humvees will go NMC for no good reason even if you give them a full, by the book PMCS (but who actually does that?!)
  6. NF-5A_RNLAF_Ver1.0.7z

    Looking forward to trying this out over the weekend. Appreciate the ops limits being posted too.
  7. Curbing the Taliban push?

    No, it was on an OSINT page that up until now had been fairly reliable. But that's the problem with open source I guess. Thanks.
  8. Curbing the Taliban push?

    So Ahmad Shah Massoud's son raised the Northern Alliance flag in Panjshir and some remaining elements of the ANA and AAF have also made their way there. I guess it's 1998 again?
  9. Curbing the Taliban push?

    I know I was just a fobbit over there, but feel free to message me if you need to talk. These are hard times for a lot of OEF vets. Unfortunate fun fact: one of the State Department Air Wing CH-46s that was taking part in the Kabul evacuation was on the USS Hancock during Operation Frequent Wind.
  10. Curbing the Taliban push?

    Apparently the ANA Commando Corps was ordered to stand down and let the Taliban march in to Mazar-i-Sharif. They seemed to be the only element of the ANA to have some fight in them.
  11. Curbing the Taliban push?

    Taliban has entered Kabul with little resistance. Guess it's over. Eight years ago today I deployed to Afghanistan. And today the Taliban will probably take the country.
  12. Can't wait to get the update installed. Adjusted mission rate will be nice!
  13. Kinda tempted to try and make this now.
  14. Curbing the Taliban push?

    My deployment was nothing more than a glorified tax payer funded work vacation behind old Soviet minefields and rows of barbed wire. That said, I don’t think there’s much we can do to help the ANA, if the ANA isn’t willing to help itself. Writing has been on the wall for some time. The biggest enemy to the Taliban now is probably itself. It’s a much more ethnically diverse organization compared to its Pashtun origins, but Afghanistan’s people always turn on each other eventually. I do wish the best for the people there though. It’s a beautiful country.

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