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  1. So what shows are you hooked on?

    Also looking forward to season three of Man in the High Castle! Lately though, I've been binge watching older stuff. Specifically 24 and X-Files (Gillian Anderson ). Manhattan was good, shame it got the axe. Also enjoying Narcos and Dirty Money on Netflix. As a motorsports fan, the Scott Tucker episode was particularly interesting.
  2. Jonathan, I can't thank you enough for bringing us The Scandinavian Front. It's always been a favorite of mine.
  3. Doesn't the AH-64 mod come with pilots too?
  4. Make sure the drivers for the controller are up to date. Also, download the Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories program.
  5. YF-23A Wizard (Ace Combat Zero)

    Very nice. Will you be doing Gault?
  6. I never gave much thought to the Vautour in the past. Might have to give it a go in a campaign now.
  7. Share your thoughts about "USN Sky Penis."

    It's basically an unwritten rule that if you're in the US military, you're gonna draw a dick at some point.
  8. Happy Birthday, USMC!!

    Yeah happy birthday you crayon eaters!
  9. If you had to buy a new automobile.

    Volvo S60. But if I was gonna tell you my real suggestion: Porsche 991.2 Carrera 4 GTS with rear seat reinstallation.
  10. Cold War Movies

    That's a good one. Hope there's more movies about the Soviet-Afghan War out there. Has anyone said Strategic Air Command yet?
  11. Castle AFB Museum, part 1

    Good selection there! Clunk and a Vulcan. Didn't know there was a Vulcan on display in the US. Thanks, Wrench!
  12. I gave up faith that we'd ever see a Lavi in SF2 a loooooong time ago. Glad I was wrong! Can't wait to fly it.
  13. A fuck censor 'eh? Funny! Actually reminds me of a day last year when I was still in the Army. There were kids on a school trip visiting our hangar. We were doing a 100 hour on one of the Chinooks. Guy drops something on the aircraft. Instinctively I'm about to ask "What the fuck was that?" but the kids were in my peripheral and I ended up asking "What the fffffruitsnacks was that?" EDIT: Or not. Appears the fuck censor is gone. Well, story is staying up!

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