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  1. Lockheed to supply 18 F-16s to Pakistan

    My smiley faces are coming up as the word 'J'. So, the J= smiley face.
  2. Lockheed to supply 18 F-16s to Pakistan

    Oh and the paper. Yes, there have been many resolutions passed by the U.N in 1960 (similar to the ones passed for the Iraqi regime in 1990 to leave Kuwait). Unfortunately, India is a bigger country and no one enforced those (look at archives at un.com). The piece of paper that was an issue was (as usual, issues are created when the will of the people is violated). The muslim population was 91% then (in 1948), and they had elected to be affiliated with Pak due to the cultural and religious significance but the Maharaja was a hindu and to keep this between the family, he invited Indians to take over and thus the issue of Kashmir !!!! Will of people must be respected everywhere (as we see in the beloved U.S). People love watching American movies and love the music and MTV, why can't they learn American democratic process where people hold the untimate power? I can't understand that!
  3. Lockheed to supply 18 F-16s to Pakistan

    You know, it has been many years that I've been visiting different forums. Unfortunately, same old stuff about India and Pak. Sometimes, thinking from a common sense perspective, it doesn't make sense. Pak has the capability to hit india and same goes for the Indians. These weapons (Goddamn why were they created on the first place?), exist and they are a threat to either side. Given Pak circumstances, it seems fragile and based on the media, it sounds like a concern that they might fell into the wrong hands.... BUT, in past 10 years, even before the detonation of these bombs, seems that every time Pakist got even 50 assault rifles from anyone, there is an intense propaganda and complaints from the Indian side. My personal view: India has hundreds of fighters better then Pak. India is about to issue another tender of 126, 4 to 5th generation aircrafts. Blue water navy is in works and anti missile system and indigenous fighter aircraft programs. Unfortunately, almost millions of people don't have shelter or proper three meals per day. What's going on there? As much love and respect I have for the Indians and for India... I think they need to start acting mature. Now, I don't love Pak either but it makes sense. Due to the size of Pak, the lack of any depth and a total lack of conventional weapons match, their national security requires to deter a threat to the country thus by using whatever force they have available. No one buys weapons to put them in safe forever, they have a purpose and usually defensive (seems the case). If my neighbor was getting bigger and better guns right next door and I had a family, regardless of how peace loving of a person I am, I would still get something and keep it in case I need to use it. A similar policy comparing to Pak is in place for the Israelis and the same threat has been used many times to maintain a safe distance with Arabs. So, the bottom line is, if you do not attack them, I don't think there will be ever a chance for you to worry about the nukes or the 18 F 16's that can NEVER be modified to carry NW's. I think feeding poor people in both the countries is a much bigger issue then spending billions in arms but that's just me with some humanity. For a Tsunami like situation... what I got from you is that such issues are causing India to look for a blue water navy...let's see, to save say 50,000 people in Indonesia or wherever, you are ok to deny millions of your own people, proper food and shelter and basic medication? Also, the 18 F 16's, that are being damned by the indian community on any forums that exist concerning military topics, are being provided with very tough restrictions. They CAN NOT even fly out of Pak until an authorization has been provided by the Pentagon. Plus, their armament and avionics will be inspected by the U.S AF folks every 6 months. So, it is not a huge threat to India. Specially when the ratio is about to go 6:1 (IAF 6, Pak 1) and out of this '6', majority of the aircraft are 4.5 to 5th Gen. Much better then any F 16. Now Pak, I think that we need to maintain course with Musharraf, CNN would not show it and neither would Fox :), but the majority of the Paki people sides with Bhuttos party and PML. Both of them are modern and open minded (we've all seen Bhutto). We can not abandon a country of 160 million people and the only nuclear armed Islamic country on this planet. We should NOT let the 2 or 3 million hard liners run Pak either. We need to help Paki people to become self sufficient in democracy so that issues like these will not happen in the future. While Talibanism is a scare, it can be countered and controlled, democracy has a lot of power. If this time, the U.S backs off of its promises with Pak (did that twice before), it will be very bad for the Pak and its people. The US needs to make friends with the people of Pak and by letting the majority to have a real, clean election, we are putting a seed in the ground. As Bush says, we need to side with Paki people. 10 years from now, once democracy prevails and initiates its root there, this country might become a model which will help us in achieving our foreign policy goals through sheer influence on other countries and this way, we will not need to be on the front taking the heat being bad guys. America is a welcoming and fun and loving country and we can restore that image by helping the people (not the individuals in power). The missing word after the word muslim from the phase 'nuclear armed muslim nation' is 'Democratic'. Add that and you will have another turkey as liberal as you would hope. I could see India and Pak doing trade for billions of dollars (they are already doing it), so this hate and complaining on 18 jets needs to stop. Every country has a right to buy weapons for their self defense, the number is 18 not, 800 (+ 40 old ones?), :) I wrote too much but I wish I can write more about the situation and explain to everyone as to what is going on. Seems like everyone knows a bit but not the entire picture.

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