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  1. Nieuport 28

    So beautiful I'm thinking of asking her out! The N28 is probably my favorite WWI aircraft - I just love that goofy MG arrangement! Also, I've had a thing for "almost but not quite" successful combat aircraft, or planes that were overshadowed by more famous models. The Short Stirling & the P-40 are a couple of my other faves, though from the WWII era.
  2. Hi! I'm a new OFF user waiting impatiently for my copy to arrive. I have a couple questions and I hope you could help me out. Out of curiosity, what's the highest number of kills that you guys have scored during a DiD career? I managed about 54 kills in RB3d with a French pilot, but I have a feeling that OFF is not going to be as forgiving. Are you satisfied with your wingmen's behavior? Are there different wingman skill levels, and is there a noticeable difference in their behavior? Do they survive and accumulate kills, or are they cannon fodder? In RB3d, there was about a 300% turnover rate in my squadrons (which may well have been realistic, considering how deadly aviation was back then). Does the AI analyze the tactical situation/odds when it is fighting? Time after time in other sims I have lost all my squad mates because they took on huge enemy formations without trying to retreat. Thanks! :yes:

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