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  1. Thanks. You may laugh but I went through two graphics cards. The stock GeForce on the Dell and an upgraded one that I replaced it with and eventually transferred to this computer. I was getting glowing green vertical lines and blue screens in my sleep! Finally I upgraded further on this machine at the suggestion of the local Geek Squad and have had no problems except for the slight lag in IL-2 (small fraction of a second) that I did not get with my less powerful Dell. You ease this air combat addict's mind and conscience considerably :sohappy:

  2. I have a HP Pavilion with a AMD A6-3620 Quad core, 8 GB DDR 3, AMD Radeon HD 65300 BUT with a Nvidia GeForce GT520 (2 GB of DDR3) as an add on Dedicated graghics card. Previously, I had a DeLL XPS 410 with a Geforce 8600 graghics card, which I somehow fried not only the card but the PCI graphics port. I am a little "gun shy" now. Even with the power of the new computer. My default graghics is to the GT520 but I am actually seeing a slight lag in IL-2 Sturmovic in three instances: with radio calls and text, explosions and clouds. Am I over stressing the Quadcore somehow or am I over stressing myself here. Please give me some insight on the matter. If not now, when should I be concerned.


    P.S. I have done nothing crazy like changing clock speed or anything like that.

  3. Czech "Post-War IL-2 Type 3" Avia B-31 "Green"

    This is a Czech livery for the IL-2 Type 3. Their designation for the plane was B-31, the B-33 being the IL-10. This gives you the realistically plausible opportunity to pit Sturmovik against Sturmovik in the late 1940s. Unzip and place the contents in your Il-2_3 file. Do not choose USSR as the country, even with marking turned off because it may cover the spinner in red.


  4. "Israeli 109" Avia S-199

    During the 1948 Israeli War of Independence, the newly formed Israeli Air Force, acquired a wide assortment of WW II surplus aircraft including P-51s, Spitfires, Mosquitos, B-17s and even Czech versions of the Bf-109 G6 under the designation of S-199. This is an approximation, of a 101 Squadron livery.


    Unzip and Install in your Bf-109 G6-Late folder.


  5. Yep, I have a mission using the Pacific Islands Map, where a flight responds to a call from a PBY. There is a Nazi "raider" (cargo ship, or even better a trawler because they have guns) that is a disguised U-boat tender. Its caught imn the act of tending 3 U-boats. The SBDs come to the aid of the PBY and later a PB4Y (B-24) joins the party. I'm working on 1941 and 42 skins for the A-24 (USAAF version of SBD) for use in New Guinea and defense of Java "Malaysia Singapore Map".

  6. CAC Boomerang Skin for Re-2000

    This is the closest I could come to providing a Boomerang for Il-2 1946. In the 4.09 version that i use it is A.I. only. In 4.10 it should be flyable. Choose the Re-2000 as an Allied plain. This is ment to be flown with markings off.


    The Boomerang was a homegrown fighter based in part on the US NA-33. It first flew in May 1942. It was a highly agile fighter, with a maximum speed of 305 mph.. Actual armament was 2 20mm cannon and 4 30 cal. machine guns and 500 lb bomb load. For the game of course you are limited to the Re-2000's load out.


    Another approximation of the Boomerang is to choose the plain green Italian skin under the RAAF.


    If you want to make any enhancements let me know and I can provide the Gimp xcf. file.



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