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  1. My wish list for Santa, I expect them in two weeks Saunders Roe SR.177 Mirage 4000 Mirage IV Tu-95 Bear Bolköw Bo-105 T-50 Golden Eagle And some Spanish designs: Hispano Aviación Ha 500 Alacran: (Links to a webpage in Spanish): This plane was designed BEFORE the A-10 as a cheap CAS plane, but Hispano Aviación ran out of funds and the project was cancelled: Hispano Aviación Ha300: An interesting supersonic fighter cancelled again due to budget restrictions. Hispano Aviación Ha200 Super Saeta: Our trainer and light attack aircraft during the African wars. Casa C-212 Aviocar This plane is one of the most succesful STOL cargo planes ever made and currently is being used by blackwater as a cheap gunship. Casa C-101 Mirlo a.k.a "culopollo" (chicken-butt): The EdA's standard trainer/light attack plane.

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