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  1. Thanks Aggie your suggestion worked. Tho i dont get why I can run ODS on Unlimited but can only run NF on high.
  2. Is it just me or do the menus in ODS look eerily familiar lol say to the menus in a 1997 esc game called fighters anthology? BTW the mod is great its like adding a whole new game to the strike fighters series. One question tho, Will this mod be ported over to Strike Fighters 2 Europe when it comes out later this year? Thanks Gamma
  3. At the mission loading screen when it hits 80%. I tried sever different squadrons and diff planes and it do the same every time
  4. nope already tried reinstalling twice making sure to check the instilation path and no joy. p.s. I am running vista if that makes a difference
  5. Great Mod!! one little problem tho, I get a CTD everytime I try to start a campaign mission. I can fly instant action and single missions no problem but i cant start a campaign mission. I installed a vanilla copy of WOE then applied the Oct 2008 patch, then installed nato fighters pats 1, 2, and 3 and this happens. Anyone know what is going on here i'm fairly new to the Strike fighters series finialy upgraded from Fighters Anthology and Janes USAF. Thanks Gamma

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