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  1. Dear Technical Support

    Funny Wife 1.0 works quite well and I've been having fun with wife v1.0 for over 15 years. I've also added the expansion pack Child v1.0-1.4. Be forewarned wife 1.0 and expansion packs Child vX.X is the only game you can play and it's a resource hog! Cheers, Mark
  2. Thanks kukulino, I found it on avsim. For anyone else looking for this file: Go to the file library in avsim and under stike fighters look for solomons and you've got it! Cheers, Mark "Torque" Link
  3. Thanks for cutting me some slack. I can see from your name FastCargo you appreciate things moving quickly. :)
  4. Hi, I am trying to find out where to download the solomons_complete by Edward for the Flying Tigers Campaign. Does anyone have the link to this? Thanks, Mark

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