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  1. Howdy. I'm kind of new to modding, but I managed to add in a few details to this particualr aircraft model (F-19), allowing it to carry external weapons on wingtip pylons. It's not that realistic, but it seems to work just fine. I do have a few problems though, but I'll work on those. I used the following code: [LeftOuterWingStation] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=3 StationGroupID=3 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=-4.7,-4.30,-0.700 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,30.0 LoadLimit=1134 AllowedWeaponClass=2IR,IRM AttachmentType=NATO,USN,USAF ModelNodeName=Pylon_LO PylonMass=127.2 PylonDragArea=0.04 [RightOuterWingStation] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=4 StationGroupID=3 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition= 4.7,-4.30,-0.700 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,-30.0 LoadLimit=1134 AllowedWeaponClass=2IR,IRM AttachmentType=NATO,USN,USAF ModelNodeName=Pylon_RO PylonMass=127.2 PylonDragArea=0.04 and added it to the f-19_data.ini file in the weapons stations section. I also changed the radar to allow for 160 mile scan range and 80 mile track range, and replaced the outdated RWR f-18 model with the RWR from the F-23, which I also downloaded, simply by swapping out the two image files and changing the setting in the f-19 avionics to match. In order to get the outer pylons to work, I also added them as components in the right/left outer wing modelling, simply by inputting: SystemName[004]=RightOuterWingStation in the Right Outer Wing portion of the airframe details and the same thing (with necessary substitution of Left) in the Left Outer Wing station. If anyone out there has a better way to do what I've done, please let me know.
  2. Hey guys. This is the first time I'm going to be using any modding files to add stuff to WoE. I actually just bought the game yesterday - it rocks, and I wanted to add some other aircraft and weapons options to it, as well as find out how to download new campaigns, missions, etc. I suppose eventually I'll actually try making some of my own stuff, but for now I just wanted a little help in installing mods correctly. For instance, I just downloaded an F-14A add-on mod, but I'm not sure where to put it. It seemed to auto-install, but the readme didn't tell me what folder to install it TO. Can anyone give me some guidance with this?

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