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  1. Well he was chased away along with the other Chinese people way back when.
  2. All this is is extra bloom, contrast filter and color correction filter. IMO all these external filters do is make everything look cartoonier, with exaggerated blacks and whites. And it doesn't adress the core issue of why stock Strike Fighters looks bland, which is non-optimized light settings and quite frankly subpar texture work on a lot of 3rd party assets (a lot of people here obsess over rivet placement but totally ignore concepts like ambient occlusion that really work towards adding depth to a scene).
  3. For those of you who dislike Steam, we've released Cold Waters and Atlantic Fleet on GOG.com at a discount. Go buy them if you haven't already. https://www.gog.com or click the images below for each respective title download page.
  4. That's in SEA. TK is in Texas which I assume is a fair bit more expensive. What it really comes down to is time. If you factor in the time it takes to build a quality plane with exterior models and virtual cockpit, to modern standards, 10k is a totally feasible sum. A single ship model for Cold Waters probably ends up around 3k, and then you can multiply that by some 40 classes of ship in the game.
  5. Flight Sims, Circa 1990

    That's an FMV game though similar to Dragons Lair. All that engine has to do is overlay sprite colliders on what is essentially a animated movie, which itself is probably streamed from laserdisc. Jet was a full-3D game that featured semi-active radar homing, carrier operations, and real dogfights, all while running on 64k of RAM. That's much more technically impressive.
  6. Flight Sims, Circa 1990

    There were even a few games on the Amiga that used wireframe graphics with red/blue glasses for actual 3D. Sublogic's JET is probably the earliest fully-3D flight sim I can think off. Unlike F-15 Strike Eagle, it had filled polygonal graphics with actual terrain, airfields and carrier landings. This in 1983 on a C-64.
  7. Flight Sims, Circa 1990

    The old sims were still 3D. All the 3DFX card did was switch the rendering to hardware, while earlier games had to invent software renderers which constrained what could be done with the CPU. In fact GPUs are so good at handling vast amounts of data we now have compute shaders to help further offload the CPU.
  8. Flight Sims, Circa 1990

    These sims were simple enough that anyone could pick them up and play without having to invest in expensive peripherals. Flightsims were still selling well until the late 90's shift towards increasing complexity and realism for realisms sake. Jetfighter and F-15 were hardly more complex than today's Ace Combat, but they felt authentic enough to be convincing.
  9. Happy to announce our new game

    All the models in the game have been made specifically for it. The tanker and containership I made for SF2 is much too modern for 1980's and the wrong classes anyway. For this game I spent a lot of time doing research to make sure the Soviet merchants are as accurate as possible.
  10. Happy to announce our new game

    Which ones?
  11. Happy to announce our new game

    Prepare for submarine combat 1980's style - please check out the teaser trailer We have a greenlight for it as well: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=770691721
  12. So the terrains are essentially handmade? No wonder it took them forever to do the Nevada terrain. That toolset looks awful to work with.

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