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  1. About ready to give up

    Thanks uncleal, At this point Ill give anything a try. Ive always went into the folders manually and deleted but Ill try the search to see if Im missing something. I think for the most part the problems started when I got the hat in the ring expansion. I cant recal having these problems up to that point. Russ
  2. OK, Ive tried everything and have reinstalled all of this more than 3 dozen times and that's no exaggeration either. Ive done everything from install one part at a time and then run it to install all from CFS3 to the last Hat in the ring update 1.47. Ive been a OFF die hard fan and have loved the game since the first days when it was just free download add on and now I just keep trying to make it work for me. My game will not stop exiting out of play back to the start screen even in just quick combat. No I am not playing with a no CD crack and I have the original CFS3 CD set that I bought when CFS3 first came out. I have tried every possible solution and it varies. Sometimes I can get weeks more than halfway into a campaign and it will start exiting out as if I just completed the mission going into the next back to the campaign start screen. Ive tried it on many os set ups, XP sp1, XP sp3 and Windows 7 set at administrator XPsp3 on the properties. Ive even reinstalled XP and stopped using my Win7 I just bought to try to get this to work better. Sometimes it will do it immediately or shortly there after I reinstall the game and as I said earlier I have went into or more than half way through campaigns in both axis and allies and it started the same crap. I have went into msconfig and shut down everything unnecessary to include any antivirus program. I have followed all the steps listed to get this thing running right. I have for almost a year now struggled with this game constantly reinstalling and Im about gone nuts trying to fix this. I bought this game then hat in the ring and I love it more then anything but it flat sucks that I cant complete a campaign history before the game goes to crap. You guys say something about having a CD or DVD with 3.1 on it but the CFS3 game was sold before they had that patch and were supposed to be able to patch it to 3.1 from the download on Microsofts sight. I have one of the original cd sets which there is no doubt that the exe. is 3.0 on the installation CD 1 because I have to patch it to 3.1. Am I going to have to buy another CFS3 CD set thats an updated CD set to make this run right????
  3. Game wont play !

    OK, sweet , I will restart with a fresh reinstall playing the CFS3 and then making sure the cinfiguartion is good, see how it does then. Thank you very much for the help guys.
  4. Game wont play !

    I actually didnt play CFS3 but just went through the install procedure for the purpose of having it to install OFF. As far as install disk I have the DVD single disk. When I did do the reinstall I did the basic removal first and then went to my documents and removed it in all the user data areas. Havent done a reinstall yet on the win 7 os which has a little bit of a different config then XP. The win 7 is new to me so any advice on reinstall with this os is needed. Also should note that I am running on a very large screen with a custom high res at 1808 X 1020 1080p on a 250gts video card. Was using this one before the problems with no issues. Have been trying different settings for this to see if that could be the problem. What do you reccomend for uninstalling and then reinstalling on WIn 7 32 ?
  5. Game wont play !

    I have tried several reconfigurations but to my ignorance I was not aware of a specifc one after installing the hat in the ring expansion. What is the settings and what should I do? Thanks for the help Russ
  6. OK, Ive gotten pretty aggrivated with this. No matter if its a mission or just quick combat I go to the set up screen and then hit go to field and it will begin game play for maybe 30 seconds and then stops and goes back to the set up window. In Mission or Campaign mode it goes to play and I maybe have enough time to take off from the field and then it automatically ends the mission and goes back to mission screen to set up for the next mission. Ive tried reinstalling it which it will work for a few plays and then start up again. I know its not the OS because its done it on XP SP3 and now that Ive upgraded to Window 7 its still doing it. When I first got this game it didnt do this and I think it may have started once I bought and installed the Hat in the ring upgrade. Anyone else have this problem? Any Ideas on how to fix it?
  7. Is it necasarry to load up the CFS3 game at least one time IE: running it one time before installing OFF when doing a complete reeinstall?
  8. I use the throttle on the AV8R-01 joystick which I had used this with just the OFF BH&H before they came out with Hat in the Ring and it worked fine. It worked as wll with CFS3 so I know its not the joystick as afr as I can tell.
  9. Its the throttle speed reeding you see in the virtual cockpit. Ive tried changing the views as well but nothing seems to work. I think I might just try to do a complete reeinstall.
  10. Hello, I looked in the help section and didnt see this addressed but I just did a reeinstall of off with all the updates then hat in a ring with its updates and when I try to play the game I have problems with maintaining the throttle speed. No matter what I do to constantly change speed it seems to default back to 17% throttle. I have to constantly give throttle to maintain lift otherwise Ill crash as it wants to stay at 17%. Ive change settings of the mixtures, flight difficulty and pretty much every variation to see if anything would effect it and nothing did so it has to be something in the install. Anyone ever had this problem ? Russ
  11. Thanks Guys, Im not to big into putting it into the campaign any how because I like the accuracy of the models and I like to fly according to historical setups. For the most part I just like to fool around with the models and see what effects the mods will contribute to the aircraft. In a very few situations during WW1 some Americans where known to make such mods as did the Germans as to add guns but in most of those cases they died becuase of their mods with such things as added weight and not properly calculating for the stress on the aircraft. Most of the planes where flying coffins to begin with due to there stress points and weakness in materials. If alloys would have been perfected then it would have been a whole different war. I will check out the other post and go from there, thanks for the quick replies..... and Merry Christmas !!!
  12. I have done stand alone mods like these to WWII aircraft in CFS3 but it doesnt seem to apply the same in moding the files for OFF. Im always curious to see effects of what if scenarios in changes with aircraft and wanted to try it in OFF. Can you do this in OFF ?

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