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  1. Kosovo

    A Jasenovac? Pa da ne pricamo i o drugim mestima. Jeste samo smo mi krivi i niko drugi. Ma vazi brate.
  2. Kosovo

    It means that the new criminal state is born. Women is selling for price of 1000-2000 e, heroin, weapon... EU and USA know that and they do nothing. UCK is connected with the AL caida. Terror on Kosovo is dating long time ago. It is not just a WWII it is and WWI and before. AND today is the same thing. For Srebrenica is gilty Ratko Mladic and Naser Oric. Naser oric is killing over 3000 serb before Mladic is coming in Srebrenica. That is a fact. The world is full of that things but onli one side is wrong?
  3. Kosovo

    Let me show you something This is second world war. Albanians kiling the Serbbian civil.

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