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  1. Happy July 4th!

    Happy Independence Day to all Americans here (don't know if Puerto Ricans celebrate it as well, but what the heck, happy July the 4th to them too)

    have a nice trip. and if the road takes you somewhere in the Slavonija region (Osijek or Vinkovci), give me a holla and the beer's on me.
  3. Battle of the Bulge!

    i'm going to basketball now pretty much every other day, but i'm having problems with shin splints. i can play for 30-40 mins no problems, but then this numb pain becomes so unbearable i must rest or i can't even drive home (can't press the clutch). and the worst part is, once i'm home for an hour or so, the pain completely goes away. has anyone experienced this? found a remedy?
  4. My Brute

    anyone who feels confident enough to take on me and my billy-idol-lookalike brute is free to do so. http://dhulkarnain.mybrute.com/
  5. An F-22 has crashed

    Rest in peace, Mr. Cooley
  6. Whats you favourite Patton's quote?

    "Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man."
  7. Battle of the Bulge!

    i think the charts and peer challenge are a good idea, column5. i'm in. i've really been carrying a lot of spare luggage lately. time for some nay-saying at the dinner table.
  8. Heated Debate the battle of the stars

    i have to agree with whiteknight on one point. SW just always seemed childish and immature to me, even when i was a kid. i know its science fiction but all the good vs evil talk and the whole space cowboy style of the series seems like something you would find in every sf novel in the fifties. to me it's just not a believable material. and you have to admit, some of those aliens in the tatooine bar and jabba's lair really s*cked serious a$$ so you cant talk of any suspension of disbelief there. and i wont even say a word about those frakkin furry ewoks. always givin me the creeps. i tried to like SW universe, i really did, but when it comes down to it, it's a joke. on the other hand, imho ST (post-TOS), altough a bit dry at times, always had a much realistic sense for what is possible and what is not. the crew on enterprise, ds9 and voyager, eventho somewhat idealised, were sf characters you could find common ground with. but always there was this idea of bettering ourselves, not only through technology, but our ideals and actions, as individuals well as one human species. for me, ST always represented what we strived to become, and SW what we have been in the past, only wrapped up in shiny futuristic packaging. and unlike many others, i actually enjoyed every ST series, especially the voyager (first ST series I ever saw) and st enterprise (anyone who never saw season 3 episode 10 "Similitude", should do so right away. i mean it). ST is just better. way better.
  9. Freetrack

    no offense, but the folks i've seen around on the net wearing those strange homemade duct-taped freetracks, look kinda lame - even more than a typical sim gamer does i don't know, somehow it just made me sad, really
  10. Patriots out

    go, tennessee!
  11. Terror In Mumbai!

    RIP to all murdered civilians and brave Indian soldiers who died in the line of duty
  12. What is your Favorite midnight snack?

    glass of water. anything else and i have nightmares which could be modern art masterpieces
  13. Israeli F-35 info

    in my opinion, the rafale is not a viable alternative in the current market simply because of it short range, especially considering israel's requirements. it's not very often you see a rafale pic without 3 fuel tanks attached. international sales of rafale so far have proved that.
  14. Israeli F-35 info

    i completely agree, it just doesn't seem cost efficient to get Bs. i mean, israelis don't and probably never will have carrier capability so if israel lost all its airfields capable of supporting F-35As, given the size of israel as a country i think they would have much bigger problems by that time and F-35s wouldn't make a big difference in the fight anymore. get F-35As and a whole lot of 'em and no one will even think of trying to invade the holy land.
  15. ah, sweet century series they don't make them like this anymore good job, guys

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