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  1. S! All, I have found the port that SF runs on in Multiplayer, it is 9103 UDP. I was trying to find this to open up the router so that I could host in Hyper. I had been looking for this info before without luck. I ran a port scan on myself and came up with this. Just in case anyone else was wondering what it was. Scr00ge
  2. S! All, I suppose the question was little too black and white. But I was just looking for a general consencus on the topic. But looking at it a little more critically, it is the touchdown that I do not feel is real enough. The approach, sink rate, etc, are not a problem. It just seems too stable, when you touchdown. No possibility of error. Like landing on a pillow. It would be interesting to get some opinions from actual pilots that have flown these aircraft. I hope that this issue is something that is looked at when the new patch comes out. Scr00ge
  3. S! All, I was wondering what the port number was the game runs on in multiplayer. So that I can open it up on my router to host on Hyperlobby. I say a few people there this weekend, the most I've seen. Thanks Fast Eagle for your help, I am still figuring it out. I got it to lock on once, but I have been having a problem with the game jumping back to hyperlobby out of the blue. No reason, that I can see. I assume these are the problems that are being worked on. If they can get these bugs worked out it will be a great game. I look forward to seeing you guys in Hyperlobby. Scr00ge
  4. I have all settings to Hard. I guess it's just me, I like a certain risk to landing. I find it very difficult to do any damage to the plane. Thanks for the replys. Scr00ge
  5. S! All, I have noticed that it is pretty hard to bum your landings in this game, I have tried to deliberately crash. Was the landing gear that good to be able to absorb that much shock? Or is there a setting that I can change to modify this to be a little more real. I am used to land in a bf-109 full real in IL-2, I enjoy the challenge. All settings are turned to HARD. And I have patched the game. Thanks in advance. Scr00ge
  6. Thanks again, that knowledge base just answered a few of my questions. I like full realism, so I was wondering how to get rid of all the text info while in the cockpit. I like using the instruments. I can start tweaking now. Scr00ge
  7. S! All, I was wondering if there was site that detailed the operation and interpretation of the different radar screens. I would like to become more proficient at this. Thanks in advance. Scr00ge
  8. Thanks for the response I will have my eyes on Hyper and Gamespy. Scr00ge
  9. S! All, :question: :question: :question: I am new to Strike Fighters, and was looking for the online flying community. I see that it is a supported game in Hyperlobby, but never see anyone online. Is it that the Stike Fighter pilots are elsewhere? I am trying to find the main meeting grounds. I assumed the game was playable online, although I was not able to connect to a direct IP in Multi-player, only LAN so it seemed. Just looking for some clarification on this, thanks in advance. Scr00ge

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