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  1. ok guys, I'm hoping to have screenshots soon..Model is about 80% done, still trying to get some things working..I've moved away from the model right now and started the cockpit. I think I bit off more than I could chew coming back to modelling, and picking this one to start with but I will finish it, just gotta work the kinks out! stay tuned!
  2. ok now see, Global got my blood boilin...god sometimes peeps can be so ignorant..why is it that the world is so jealous of America? ok, ok, I dont wanna get started..let me stick to the task at hand..I believe since this IS a US fighter, all the pics being posted seem to be fitting..correct me if I'm wrong, but we only gave these birds to one other country in the middle east, and it was a watered down version. So why not put our flag all over it! I mean if any of you nonamericans can give me one good example of any other fighter that can top the cat, well of course, once again, the US does have better fighters, but come on, how long do you think another countries Air Force is gonna be in the sky with US pilots...UNMATCHED! And Global, if your ever in the Chicago area look me up, I'll be glad to give you some one on one time :twisted:
  3. come on man! those are darn good..its gonna be hard enough choosing as it is...
  4. :shock: wow some really good hangers goin in..Look at Dueces all american hanger..Does the Cat ever take a bad pic?? anywho, some asked how long it would take me? well, I dont know...This is my first model in awhile, and its turning out to be a difficult one at that..the Cat doesnt have the typical shape of other aircraft, then theres the skeleton. I'm trying to get the wing sweep in there, the airbrake, the tail hook, and trying to figure out what to link the canopy to. I wanna get a working canopy, I've seen alot of requests for those, so I figure I wanna get it on my model. I think what I need to do is approach this in another way. I'm trying to do too much at one time. I need to work one thing and go on to the next...I will release screens when I get the wing sweep worked out..I've also decided that when it is released its just gonna have a bare metal finish no squad marking, then release some squad skins in weeks after.
  5. Cool MJ! thanks for hosting it! YOU ROCK! thanks for the loadout image Fast Eagle, now get to work on the hanger! I cant wait to see your submission!
  6. As I slave away at work, I thought damn I gotta get home and try and get these intakes right on this A model cat..I thought well, I have to comeup with a loadout image, and its gotta be packaged with a hanger screen too..Then I thought why not see if MadJeff would host alittle contest here..we could have the community members submit screen shots of there Tomcat hanger screens, then have the community vote the bvest one. Then I would package the winners submission with the final product, as well as credit them in the readme..not a big prize, but I think this cat is gonna be one of the biggest releases since the AH-1...so what do you guys think? MadJeff can we do that??
  7. nice, I'm hopin my stuff turns out good...I think If I get it right I might do more planes, depends on how much hair I pull out doing this model..
  8. mmmmmmmm......Tomcats..........anybody every play that old DOS game called Fleet Defender? It was ahead its time, awesome! I've been tryin to find a copy of it, I have the addon disks but not the game...Best and basically only Cat sim I have ever seen..
  9. Although the Tomcat was built for the Phnx Missle, would it be fair for the migs in SF?? I mean talk about no challenge...anyway I WONT be doing a phnx missle..I will leave that up to someone else, because I dont want to have the neg feedback from all the Mig pilots who are gettin ate up by them, lol..and a thanks for the pics of the cockpit...my head hit the keyboard, I might be doing a simplified version, lol..sorry but DAMN! I will get it superclose, but I think it might need to have some things left out..You guys rock tho! One thing I wanna know is, would it be better to connect the wing sweep with the flaps or the throttle? See I was under the impression they were some how connect with the thrust of the jet..please correct me if I'm wrong..
  10. thanks fir the site Jag, it'll help alot..yeah my main objective is to get the wing sweep on this bad boy, or it wont be worth doin..
  11. I just wanted to check in and let everyone know that The Den is still live, I havent had a chance to work on any skins lately because I have a new project. I started modelling again. I have done some modelling for Microsoft flight Sim 2k. I dusted off my tools and begun production on my favorite plane, the F-14. I figured this game needs the Tomcat. I have some basic model stuff down, and am working on getting the wing sweep working. I also am hoping to get a working canopy. My main objective is to get the wing sweep to coincide with the thrust levels. I'm working closely with some of my buddies from the MSFS comminuty to get this bird lookin sweet. I will put out skins as time permits, but my main focus is on the Tomcat. If anybody could post tech data, or even a cockpit pick (dont know if it exists) that would help me out when I get to those steps. I will post pics when I got something worth lookin at! Thank you guys for you continued support! Yote
  12. Did any of you ever think that this topic would get this rampantly out of control, lol..wow! someone needs to find the artist! I personnally think its more like F-86, because of the thingy on the front and the position of the Horizontal stabilizers on the back there...but what do I know I'm a MDCR* man myself... *Mountain Dew: Code Red
  13. stats: Manufacturer: Pepsi Cola Country of Origin: USA Length: approx. 4 inches Wing Span: approx: 8 inches Calories: 1 wieght: approx 3 onces power: not much in Diet configuration Hope this helps PCpilot
  14. Thats ok Buff, like I said in my skinning tutorial research is my first step. I did find the picture you have posted, but I went further then the first thing I found...I dug further and found that the 767 not only trained pilots for the RN but also the RAF. The RAF used this camo scheme. They also used the Navy Blue, since like I pointed out above they trained pilots from both services...heres the picture I chose to do the skin from...
  15. Just thought I would post a couple of screens of some of my new Phantoms available friday..five in all.. British Royal Navy 767th Squadron Vf-114 "Aardvarks"

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