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  1. Hi! I have exactly the same problem with textures of Intruder and clouds&trees. Additionally i have strange stuttering on beginnig of mission. After beginning for few seconds to minutes sound & graphics stutters, very choppy. It's worst when I'm taking off from carrier. Then everything comes back to normal... Strange... I have tried diffrent sets of graphics drivers, I've made fresh install of SF2V, just with may update, nothing helps. Changing from DX 10 to 9 and turning off advanced shaders didn't help as well. But this mod is so impressive and playable that nothing stops me from playing it :) Greetings from Poland, Bart
  2. Hi! I have noticed missing force feedback effects in SF2 and SF WOE2: no "fire" and "drop bomb" effect. In WOE and all SF1 games it works well. I've found those effects very usefull for me Any possibility to turn on or adjust effects? Bart

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