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    Bomber County, Lincolnshire, UK
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    Flight sims (combat only), Sub sims, shooting and motorbikes.
    Ex Royal Air Force 23 year veteran. Left the AirForce in 2008. Served in both Gulf Wars and Afghanistan, Siera Leone, Falklands, Belize, Germany and Cyprus.
  1. Lol yes. Been around a bit. I used to be an active member on quite a few of the first Air combat forums in the old days. Been mainly doing race sims for the last 10 years though. But now I am back with DCS and IL2 bos. Just tried my old favorite Strike Fighters 2 Israel but for some reason it is a slide show despite having a much more powerful machine than last time. With a GTX1080 too. I gave up with it after trying many different graphic settings.
  2. OK thanks. I thought something had changed. But it was nice to be recognised as a veteran. No big deal though.
  3. Apologies for not being on here for a while, but life got in the way for a bit. Now was it my imagination but didn't we have a "Veterans" membership once? I am sure I remember have the title "Veteran Member" or something along those lines. It was given to members that had or were serving if I remember right? Just asking...........
  4. Greetings from a old member...

    Welcome back.
  5. Flight Sims, Circa 1990

    This always gets my interest piqued. Love the old sims. They were detailed, big boxed with hefty manuals. Remember this old thread? http://combatace.com/topic/27851-your-first-combat-flight-sim/?p=173207
  6. Happy to announce our new game

    If this is similar to the original Red Storm Rising c64 game...................I can't wait.
  7. Janes usaf fighters-Win7,64bit

    I just got USAF working on my Win 7 64bit PC. All's good too. Took some doing though.
  8. Am I proud...

    I'm proud too. Very proud. Have a watch of this and get to the 5 min mark. If the hairs don't rise on your neck you are a either a zombie or a nazi.
  9. Panzer rollen in Afrika vor!

    What I love about this Tank battle sim are the vista's. The scenery is big. The skies are big. Some of the battles seem to stretch out for miles.
  10. Panzer rollen in Afrika vor!

    Fantastic battle report. I love it. I love the game too.
  11. Tiger, Tiger, burning bright - SF '42

    I love this sim. I play it regularly. I have the latest NTA mods too. Great review.
  12. New toy - P-51 sim cockpit

    Nice but way over the top for me. You need DCS mustang. Now that really is a top Mustang sim.
  13. Let's just Nuke 'em

    I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.
  14. When I were a lad, well in my early 20's actually, PC gaming was in its infancy and just starting. Back then gaming was a new thing. It was original and different and whole new world was opening up. My two favourite non A/C sim games at the time were the Wing Commander series and the Elite series. Well now David Braben and Chris Roberts are back. Have a look. I for one can't wait and I feel like a kid again waiting for christmas. Elite Dangerous (By David Braben)http://elite.frontier.co.uk/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VE8B4KptyVI Star Citizen (By Chris Roberts). https://robertsspaceindustries.com/about-the-game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzcelfmiRMg
  15. Happy New Year...

    Happy New year to all at CA. May 2014 bring you wealth and happiness. Dogzero1

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