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  1. F-104G

    Thanks Kevin, I am so blind to see it. I was to be intend upon the problem that I have not see the real mistake and searching hour by hour and find nothing... Sorry... Thanks again Kevin Regards Erol
  2. F-104G

    HEEEEEEEELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After i make the Jul11 Patch my F-104G, that fly so wonderfull before, is no more on the aircraft select list. I have make a backup of the working f-104G folder and after I cannot see the F-104G anymore I put it after the patching back but it is not working. Spending hours i cannot find an error.... I give up, have no more ideas.... Can please, please, please anyone help me????? PLEASE... Regards Erol
  3. F-104G

    @Kevin: I can'T believe it works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU are THE MASTER of the Masters Thank you very, very much. Regards Erol
  4. F-104G

    AND here with the Extracted stock _DATA.ini:
  5. F-104G

    OK Kevin, here are the results: with the 'normal' _DATA.ini
  6. F-104G

    Oh no, now i've another problem... I want to fly a single mission with AIM-9 Sidewinders on the wingtips and fuselage station and hvar rockets on the wing stations. But the damn fueltanks are showing on the wingtips and wing stations too. The fuselage station shows the Sidewinders correctly but on the wingtips you can see the tips of the Sidewinderfins, it looks like a fueltank with 4 additional fins and on the wing stations you can only see the fueltanks... What make I wrong? Regards Erol
  7. F-104G

    Thx Kevin, it's perfect!!! This is absolute a perfect guide for. My Starfighter fly like a manned rocket Master of the Aircrafts Regards Erol
  8. F-104G

    @Spinners: Thx for the info. This was NEW for me. It helps very :-) Regards Erol
  9. Hi, I have a great problem. I don't have the F-104G to fly since the June2011 patch. It is in the Object\Aircraft directory but I can't see it in the Game as example in the 'Single Mission'. What' wrong? In the Object\Aircraft directory is a folder named 'F-104G' in this folder is the F-104G.ini file and a folder named 'RNLAFSilver1'. Regards Erol
  10. Hi, i've seen the downloadable Sea Vixen FAW1 & 2 some hours ago. But now it isn't here anymore. Where is it? Regards RedCorsair
  11. Hello, it is very nice but the Afterburner Fire and Sound don't work. I've tried somethings with the INI File but nothing helps. Can anyone help me? Thanks Erol
  12. I've tried the KC-135 Tanker-mission and it works very fine but there is a new problem I think I'm too stupid to hit the basket... Now I'm flying hours of hours and cannot hit the basket. Everytime if I'm one second away from the basket the damned AI aircraft goes up and down. I tried to follow and when I'm near enough to hit the basket the probe don't go into the basket. What make I wrong or is there a special command for air refueling ????? Thanks RedCorsair
  13. Thank you much for the important answers. Thanks again comrpnt, Silverbolt and EricJ. I must try these things, it's all new stuff to learn it. Best Regards RedCorsair
  14. Hi, i've installed the Super Hornet Pack SF2 to SF2E, its absolutely FANTASTIC but I don't understand, how to make a single mission as a F/A-18E or F tanker for air refueling. Can anybody help me? Thx RedCorsair
  15. Hi, I have the same sound-problem with the bk27 cannon. I tried everything that I can found about this thing. I have extract the soundlist.ini and add the needed lines as it described here but i don't get a sound... What is going wrong, can anybody help me? RedCorsair

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