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  1. tiger skin

  2. Okay, im convinced that ANYONE who tries to make a sci-fi mod is cursed. around the time i stopped updating was the same time my computer exploded (in all reality the battery in my lapyop was faulty and had a heating problem causing it to break open). of course i had long since forgotten my commitment to this after i got my computer fixed, sorry. ANYWAY, i will continue the project whenever i have time but i will post an attachment with what little work i have done. thankyou for your support and sorry to let you guys down. http://rapidshare.com/files/277135041/FRX-00_v2.zip.html (file is too big for regular upload)
  3. oi, this new forum system is quite... confusing anyway, after being forced to leave my computer for a couple of weeks (went to grama's house, lol) i have finally returned... but with only a little progress, i have modeled the landing gears, the cockpit, and proper dimensions for the aircraft. plus a few touch-ups on the mapping, HOWEVER, i found that you dont actuly go under "Export" in 3Ds to export to an LOD file.... but i havent found anything else.... anybody got any other info?
  4. sorry, no joy... maby i can ask someone who has the patch working to export the files for me
  5. mkay, i got the file, only problem is that it isnt working... im not too shure what i might have done wrong, but i downloaded the exporter file from thirdwire.com (for 3dsMAX 2009) and placed it in C/Program Files/Autodesk/3ds Max 2009/plugcfg/FbxPresets/2009.0/Export is this the wrong spot?
  6. uhhhh..... anybody know how i can get 3WExporter.dlu?
  7. thanks! i'm trying to make it fly now, so it's time to hit the tutorials and figure out what i need to do to take this from a .max file to a fkying plane in WoV
  8. THANKS! and i've made some changes, it looks alot better now
  9. BEHOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course, i WILL do a better job on the unwrap, i just got ecited and rushed...
  10. EEGADS!!! my fighter... its... GONE!! im gona have to re-make it... from scratch........ oi.... time to get to work
  11. yeah, ive seen tons of those, but i dont want to lose the oportunity to loose the project to someone else, i LOVE the FRX-00 :yes:

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