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  1. FA-50 Fighting Eagle: fighter or not a fighter?

    Thanks again for the input. i have just used your inputs to silence someone who views the F-5 and the FA-50 variant as mere trainers
  2. Its been a long while since i last posted here. Well i missed this place... I would like some input from you guys here who are actual pilots in the military that you worked for. Do you consider the FA-50 Fighting Eagle aircraft by Korean Aerospace Industries a LIGHT MULTIROLE FIGHTER? Or just a LIGHT COMBAT AIRCRAFT? I have been In A discussion with someone that claims the KAI FA-50 since it was based off a Trainer (KAI T-50) that has Fighter capability(tip raiks for any AIM-9/PYTHON) and Ground strike capability(PGMs, AGM65 capability), though limited compared to other fighter slightly bigger than it, Can not be termed as a "Fighter" Would that be even correct guys? Or should it be considered as a Light Fighter, since it has limited capacity to kill other planes? Thanks for all your input...
  3. i myself hit a blue. a 27 was wanting to hide in the clouds during a heavy thunderstorm, this being the last guy of the bunch. us in raptors were done then red crown chimed in with a bogey up 12 o'clock up in the clouds i chased this guy up in the clouds and i was able to see an outline of the flanker. guns hot a ready pipper just beyond the nose, no radar lock since i wanted to hit this guy without him knowing what hit him. i squeezed the trigger but a friendly passed by guns blazing as well but not hitting the flanker, good thing the flanker was hit, my buddy's chute was visible.
  4. Everytime i fly the Cat off anywhere, i ended up with a MiG-(or Sukhoi) free airspace. guess when i take off in one, somehow the Sovs ground any air activity joke hehehe. carrier traps in WOV? a dream A2A kills? boring, some Soviets dont even want to be in a 20 mile radius of a tomcat. sad, the real thing's retired.
  5. mission4today.com>>website Mouse_As_Joystick_Files_&_Guide.com>>>>>filename file not downloaded since no permission has been granted yet...
  6. how to control my plane with mouse?

    successfully tested on sstock F4AF: PPjoy PPmouse please download at mission4today.com>>>>>IL sturmovik stie... filename is Mouse_As_Joystick_Files_&_Guide.zip i havent ben granted permission to upload file here...
  7. after a long time with my friend google, i was able to find something to allow me more precise control. these mouse as joystick files are available at mission4today website works with other sims like FF5, F4F, BtRL(freespace2), even NFS series. wonder why it wont work on the SF1/2 engine? what i had tried: >take the name as visible on the gaming devices of the control panel, manually edited default control.ini >used other device names like joystick_device_0 or whatever variations >unable to mod ingame since game detects mouse movement first. expert coders, kindly need help?
  8. sorry for bumping the old thread, but i thought i forgot that i worked on a pitch up TVC mod: which may be of use: http://combatace.com/files/file/10698-joystick-controlled-thrust-vectoring/
  9. nice, finally a proper FM for TWs... has anyone thought of the commanche? that would be a mighty bird to 'scoot' around.
  10. as for the newest TMF tomcat, i was wondering, HTF did they accomplish that? now if i only had less overtime at work, i 'd like to dissect it and do the same to 'cleavaged' raptor. oh, simple ini edit, and the raptor flies fine in wov.
  11. any updates for other version of the talon? perhaps a copy of the F-35 panoramic LCD? and even VTOL capabilities?
  12. it was a fine flying day when i got a copy of WoV updated with 10-08 patch. then after a restart, my keymaps and button maps were all jumbled up, i set my ECM toggle as J but the key activates flares, my joystick buttons, one of which is set to select next air to air weapon now activates the speedbrakes. i said WTF? double checking the options/control all were set correctly. my system is a humble M550g Neo Laptop. i have double checked is i have my numpad activated, it was not.. i have uninstalled and reinstalled many times. any solution?
  13. F-35A/B/C Lightning II V 2.3

    hmm found something qeasy on the B's. after converting to forward flight, the pitch on hover seems to be in a slight up angle, unlike when vtol on takeof with 25% fuel.
  14. Mirage Factory F-14A and F-14B Tomcat

    good news, the Bkitty works in legacy versions

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