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  1. What about solid ground objects like trees? IN Red Baron 3D and IL2 Dark Blue World 1916, it's bad news if you clip a tree.
  2. Yeah, you're probably right. re: my post #10. Sad though. it's like throwing out a day old slice of pizza. Is 3DsMax the editor of choice for making new models?
  3. Lol, ok I give. I can add a new cockpit, disable the forward gun from firing, but I can't figure out how to keep it from showing on the external plane view ;-)
  4. Thanks! I'll turn it into an unarmed observation craft or perhaps a field mod with a rear gun.
  5. I suppose I could use an "unarmed" cockpit file, but on the outside view I can see one forward gun. To remove that would require editing the 3d model? That's out of my experience range at the moment :-) I guess the wise thing to do would be just drop it from my plane library. Cheers.
  6. Thanks 33Lima! Sounds good to me. I'll make a few data entry changes and hopefully I can find some accurate service dates. Really enjoying this forum :-)
  7. I wonder how close it is to the Pfalz D or D1? Thanks for responding btw.
  8. I have a list of the Pfalz Flugzeugwerke G.m.b.H. Speyer am Rhein for Pfalz models: Pfalz A I GA,DF,DM, Pfalz A II GA,DM, Pfalz C I GA, Pfalz D Typ GA, Pfalz D I DF, Pfalz D II DF, Pfalz D III GA,DM,WS Pfalz D IIIa GA,DM,WS Pfalz D IV DF, Pfalz D VI GA,DF, Pfalz D VII GA,DF, Pfalz D VIII GA,DF,DM, Pfalz D XII GA,DF,DM,WS Pfalz D XIV GA,DF, Pfalz D XV GA,DF, Pfalz D XVf GA, Pfalz D Experimental GA, Pfalz Dr Experimental GA, Pfalz Dr I GA,DF,DM, Pfalz E I GA,DF,WS Pfalz E II GA,DF,DM,WS Pfalz E III GA,DF,DM,WS Pfalz E IV GA,DM,WS Pfalz E V GA,DM,WS Pfalz E VI DM,WS However, I can't find a picture of the D I for comparison. (if it was intended instead of "BI") Anyone with better skills than I think it's possible that it's another model or plane type?
  9. Greetings, I can not find further info about the Pfalz B1 which is represented in the downloads section. Does anyone have more info on it? Nothing is really showing on the net. Many thanks in advance!
  10. The Nieuport 17\23 Pack For FE1

    Good Day Gentlemen! Just want to say thanks for all who tried to help me. Much appreciated! I have been a forum lurker since about 2008 and was always able to figure out my own solution or by researching the forums or knowledge base. This one really had me stumped! I am very happy to report, it was indeed the .ini files not being saved with ANSI encoding. Obviously, I had never thought of that ;-) Also want to mention I have been a pc gamer since 2002. Mainly I play strategy games from HPS\Tiller and the likes of Steel Panthers and Combat Mission. I have belonged to many Clubs and forums and the response to my question, even when I was appearing as total newbie, really impressed me. It is rare these days for forum members showing such kindness and consideration. I am very impressed with the forum members here ;-) For future flyers that may be researching the same question, I was using the plane pack for FE1 and running W XP. Thanks again for your time and trouble! Cheers!
  11. The Nieuport 17\23 Pack For FE1

    One thing I'm seeing in the FE1 download. The read me file in the Nie 23 plane folder, (the one I'm trying to get to work) is the same read me for the FE2 download. I read on the forum when the file was updated, there was some confusion about removing the old file. A mod had to do it for the uploader. I wonder if the original FE1 download was accidentally replaced by the FE2 version? It's a multi plane pack and they are all supposed to flyable but I'm not getting any to show up in the selection list. If any FE1 flyers could take the time and try to install the Nie 23 model, please let me know if it works for you. I don't have FE2, but I would imagine the files would work in either game, just different installation procedures. Thanks.
  12. The Nieuport 17\23 Pack For FE1

    HI ! Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, I have no trouble what so ever in adding planes. It is not the FE2 download. It's acting like the plane folder is not the same name as the plane .ini file. It's not showing up in the available aircraft list at all. The date range is 4\17 to 11\18. I have not changed any files from the original download as well as the instructions say the typical routine. I read way back into the forums to see if any one else had any trouble and I'm not seeing anything. Since the file has been around since 2007 and has been updated in 2010 and has 164 downloads and lol a 4 star rating, I'm feeling a little foolish for not being able to make it work. Well, not a designer, I have no trouble being a mod "user". I am comfortable in all aspects required to use mods. Do you happen to have that pack loaded your self? I wonder if the update pooched the original cockpit file?
  13. Greetings, Usually I have no trouble adding aircraft. But the the panes in the N 17\23 pack for FE1 is giving me fits, lol. I have FE1, Expansion Pack 1, November patch. I simply can not get the planes to show up in the single mission menu. Every other plane I have installed is ok. I think christian59 made the pack. I am not trying to use his FE2 pack either. Probably something very simple I'm missing. Many thanks in advance.

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