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  1. Yankee Air Pirate moving on

    Will they install over the SF2 series? Or do you HAVE to have WoV? EDIT - I've had my eye on them for a long time but have held off purchasing (pretty pricy, I think). But I may pick one or two of the packs up if they are going to disappear...
  2. The 10 Worst US Aircraft

    I thought I was aware of pretty much all of the obscure US Aircraft, but had never seen or heard of the P-75 until today. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Going Rogue

    Apparently I stand alone. I loved EP 7...I also loved the prequel trilogy...and I also love the original trilogy, lol. My Star Wars runs deep. I think the preview looks pretty cool...
  4. Who has Star Wars Tickets?

    <--- This guy has tickets! Thursday night at 10PM. I keep trying NOT to get my hopes up...but it's too late.
  5. Downloaded! Finally have time time to try out some of these recent star wars releases today. Thanks for the continued releases! They look awesome!
  6. Battlefront releasted

    Anyone playing Star Wars Battlefront? It came out today. If you're on the xbox, hit me up!
  7. YESSS! Thanks for ANOTHER Star Wars release! Also glad you clarified. I thought this was the Thyferran Rogue Squadron one...but am actually quite pleased that it's an imperial campaign during the civil war. Should be fun!
  8. Thank you for your continued releases!
  9. One hour......

    Ugh, I'm so torn! I just spend $60 on Star Wars Battlefront. I wasn't really on the Fallout 4 "hype train" (though have loved the previous installments). But shoot, seeing the reviews the last two days are making me re-consider my video game budget...
  10. Yesssss it's like Star Wars Christmas!
  11. Whhhaaaat, another one! Man, outstanding. Looks like tonight will be an XvT sort of evening! Thanks for the continued releases, Wrench!
  12. Another terrific release. Anytime I see a XvT release in new downloads, I get pretty excited. Thanks for another good one, Wrench!
  13. Falcon series released on GOG.com

    I checked the BMS forums, it appears that the 4.0 provided by GOG works just fine with BMS. Instabuy. But of course, Uncle Sam owns me this weekend, so I won't get around to playing until next week.
  14. GOG.com released the Falcon series. Game page: http://www.gog.com/game/falcon_collection Looks like it includes: About: Falcon Collection includes the following: - Falcon - Falcon A.T. - Falcon Gold (featuring the complete collection of updated versions of Falcon 3.0 , MiG-29, Operation: Fighting Tiger and Art of the Kill dogfighting video) - Falcon 4.0 (version 1.08, added as a part of the bonus goodies pack) Pretty awesome. Instabuy, as I've never played the fabled Falcon series. Apparently there's a mod out there for Falcon 4.0? It may not work on the gog version for all I know, but either way, I've heard enough good things about this series ti invest 5 bucks in it. As soon as I saw the release, I immediately thought of you folks over here at combatace and thought I'd share! Anyone have experience with any of these?
  15. Is anyone still playing Mech Commander 2?

    man, I LOVE the mech games. I still play Mech Commander 2 quite often. There's a good free version floating around called Omnimech that has quite a few cool additions as well. Thanks for sharing that MW4 link...I had an old link with the same files, but it doesn't work anymore. I'm excited to try that link when I get home. Sadly though, I've been unable to get Mechwarrior 3 or Mechwarrior 2 working well on Windows 8. Sad news. Hopefully GOG will get them someday.

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