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  1. January 26 Photo recon to Messines Ridge. It started like usual.When we were home return,Aa smokes appeared further.When nearer,little spots were seeing.Dogfight! Battles raging at land and in the air.Ypres Sector. We joined this consert where Fokker Eindeckers and Bristol Scouts fighted.We succeed shoot couple of bullets but EA escaped! On the way home,far our side,we spotted lonely Nieuport.Began dogfight where we both tried to get tail.Several burst Eberhard shoot him.Some point enemy gave up and disengage battle. I followed and i noticed we were faster than his bird.He get lower and lower.The trenches were shot violently.Suddenly Nieuport curved tightly and smashed to the ground! I was sure our bullets had wounded the pilot,so we claimed a victory.We'll see if infantry guys agree this!
  2. January 25 Day of sorrow Our Kameraden Unteroffizier Gottfried Roth and his observer Edgar Schultheiss not returned in their recon mission. The reason of this fate stay unknown.
  3. 24 January Menen has same than before.Cold,misty and boredom. The front has no progress.All but air action has bogged down.We have not engage EA yet.No hero tales in this way.Boelcke and Immelmann has awarded Blaue Max. I do everything that i can reach that too! Artillery spotting ,Ypres,again! Eberhard,last checking. Ypres January 24 1916.Cathedral on the left.
  4. January 23 1916 Bastian's Diary I write this while sitting on the train towards Menen. In my vacation i had time search some pictures from my diary. Very much hope that year 1916 we could leave this trench warfare behind us!
  5. Hasse! Wishes that Auguste will fly again!
  6. January 1-23 1916 Best in the world: Deer hunting with Papa! Notice the stylish socks!
  7. MFair621! Sorry for your loss,Gallagher. It is always pain...
  8. Continue... We were taken to the Douai's hospital.Cod liver oil was used to treat burns.It helps surprising lot! We were lucky to survive so little.The birdie could have burn or exploded. The headquarters became a telegram congratulating on the task performed.It promised also a small home vacation! Eberhard would travel in his home Bremen and i would go Freiburg. Home sweet home!
  9. Continues.... Out of gas over the front.The machine just glided on its own side. Only in the land did i pay attention to our injuries.Burns mainly in addition to shock. Infantymen take us to safety.
  10. Continue... Aa fire hits our machine!Boiled oil spreaded over us. Also benzin smell heavily.There must be leak! I shout Ebenhard is he okay.There was relief when he replied yes. Oil burned my skin but i didn't care of it.I took course East and heavy smoketrail followed us.

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