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  1. Outstanding stuff. I'm still scrambling and have yet to give these superb narratives the proper time for a full reading. FYI, Raine is still playing host to a huge family reunion. I'll be Kayaking the Thousand Islands from August 2-5 and will not have my WOFF materials in tow. Only my iPad. Please take extra care (always) but most certainly until get back on the 6th. Looking forward to a long catch up with all your adventures. Cheers,
  2. epower

  3. Couple of newbie questions

    gombicek, Welcome to our magnificent obsession. Glad Pol sorted your question. When circumstances permit, I encourage you in the strongest possible terms to get TrackIR. I believe it to be the most transformative addition to the fight sim experience after the jump to joystick from using arrow keys.
  4. On Workshop Options

    The second post in the DiD thread has some handy site info: Scroll down.
  5. Led, Very sorry to hear about the Covid. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and return to duty.
  6. TWK, I don't I understand. Is the game jumping you forward 2 days for some other reason besides inclement weather? I've not checked the game weather files but historically, March 21-24, 1916 was a complete washout. Please advise.
  7. pray remind me

    Did you use a backup and restore after you upgraded? If so you may have an outdated WOFFkeys.xca file
  8. Thanks Erik. It's not a deal-breaking thing but I was curious. In the interval I shall keep a closer eye to my email notifications. Cheers!
  9. Gods Below! So very sorry to hear this, Albert. Having walked that road twice I know what you're going thru. Godspeed on the rebuild and hopefully a bit of recovery. epower
  10. When receiving an email notification of a fresh message on CA, I can click on the "Read full message" box within the email and go directly to that new unread communication. By contrast, using the CA website (under the envelope icon top right) defaults me to the first message in the thread. Since I have several message threads multiple pages long, reaching the unread message now requires navigation. Is there a similar shortcut directing me to the new unread message as happens when I click on the notification in my email? My apologies if this has been covered but search revealed nothing. Thanks,
  11. Concur. Hold off on Balloon Archie Mod and DiD Guns Mod. As always any mod which modifies the file below should be avoided: OBDSoftware\WOFF\OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields\simulation.xml
  12. Just downloaded and examined Recon Wars Update 1.21 There are changes to the Simulation.xml file so this update breaks the DiD Guns Mod v1.0 I'll be taking a look under the hood and will update the guns mod ASAP. Until then, do not use with the new update.
  13. Just a friendly Public Service announcement reminding you to Disable All Mods before updating to the exciting new features of 1.21
  14. @trustworthykebab As a Junior member you have 60 minutes to edit a post. In the second post in this thread, after the picture posting instructions, there's an explanation of how the various levels work. Go HERE

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