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  1. back to stutters

    gaw - sorry to hear that. My only noticeable frame rate drop happened but for a few seconds when I was strafing 6 parked DFWs. Not recommended , btw, as all the gunners remain active and will ventilate you most profoundly. Would you mind posting your system specs for reference. Cheers.
  2. Assigned aircraft

    Oh Hell. The Fokker DVII. Just when I'd grown accustomed to those pesky DR1s. This Fokker chap becomes tedious...
  3. Classic stuff. Now you've done it , Catch, luring me down another rabbit hole. HERE is a link to the complete film "The Rink" (1916) Sir Cecil Seltzer, C.O.D. Sounds like a good name for a Wing Commander.
  4. BB - My my, aren't we judgy. Truth is I was long a fan of the single malts, Oban and Talisker being my favorites but as I grew older, the morning brain dwarf with the ice pick started showing up. No idea why. Good old "Murican Bourbon on the other hand treats me more gently the next day. Catch - Look closer, the tumbler isn't quite empty... Funny you should mention CC. You'll appreciate this. When I was a lad in the early 70s, my father would take me to an old theater in the Fairfax section of Los Angeles. It was run by an elderly couple who maintained, apparently, an archive of original newsreels, celluloid prints of old Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton films among others. Talk about time Machine! I don't recall seeing any of the great war 2 reelers though. Rick Rawlings - Oh, I think you'd be surprised by how much oomph those Pebble V3 speakers pack. In any event, I fly with Arctis 7 Steelseries headphones for the important missions like those of the DID Campaign. As for the Sopwith grip, it has completely transformed WOFF flying on a number of levels, not the least of which is the added immersion factor when it comes time to reload the Lewis gun.
  5. My Dear Catch, So very sorry that you spilled your single malt. That doesn't sound very pleasant. I would have thought a man of discernment and sophistication, one who holds the immortal Roger Livesey in such high regard, would have a specially designed single malt holder. I understand that 22 years hence a Hun named Adolf Galland will install a cigar holder of similarly inspired design in his BF-109. Once you've secured said single malt, I do hope you'll give my protocol a try. Pushing buttons, while amusing for a short while, soon loses immersion. Each must fly as he sees fit but I'm just suggesting that there are other options. Example in pic below. Note the shocking absence of bourbon holder mid left. Cheers! p.s. I hear you re: the wishlist item. Logged that one on the SimHQ thread many moons ago.
  6. In 1917, Oliver Manners Sutton of No 54 Sqn. RFC invented the Harness which bears his name and became standard issue for the next 30+ years. Annoyingly, Sutton Harness does not have a Wikipedia page but if you google it you'll see numerous sites which detail the construction. The three key features being shoulder and hip belts The single D pin release a single rear attach point allowing side to side movement by the pilot There's one at this link. It's the WW2 variant but the design didn't change much between the wars. https://www.historicflyingclothing.com/en-GB/raf-aircraft-parts/raf-aircraft-sutton-harness/prod_10252
  7. Catch, I can only imagine programming an upwards firing Lewis to be a staggering amount of work. The whys and wherefore are a topic best left for a separate thread. As for increasing the difficulty of the reload, more in keeping with Cecil Lewis' description during his 1963 BBC Great war interview, simply use the following protocol: All key combinations must require the use of both hands. Left hand on the shift or Control Key, Right hand on the G key. If you're not flying straight and level when you do this, good luck and God bless. To simulate the changing of the drum you can do what I do and set a desk lamp over the monitor which you then need to place your hand upon for a slow count of 6 before hitting the reload key. For early war AC lacking a Foster mount, I suggest remapping the reload command to a two key press - L Shift+ R perhaps. Make sure stand up at your desk/ Simpit and perform the same slow count of six, before pressing the two keys.
  8. Got jumped by 7 of the Baron's men, who shot my DID character about and sent him to hospital for 12 days, the swines. Wounding occurred on 24 April 1918. Exit screen attached showed 12 days elapsed but the game returned pilot to action on May 1, 1918. I'm not certain but I believe I remember the same thing happening in WOFF PE when he was wounded on 26 August 1917, and the program returned him to action on Sept 1, rather than the stated 10 days later. Not game breaking by any means since one can time advance to the correct date but thought you should know just in case it's connected to something else. Cheers
  9. Been playing with the newly discovered (for me anyway) waypoint alteration feature in the briefing screen. I feel much safer climbing out over Abbeville as opposed to the outskirts of Amiens. I have noticed that A Flight tends to go missing when I modify my flight path. Granted, the weather is lousy in April 1918 so maybe it's just clouds. Question: If A Flight are assigned to cover, will they also follow the new flight path or will they stick to the original waypoints?
  10. Thanks Pol. Today I did get them to drop by auto piloting briefly on the final run in and then slid off to one side as they all lined up. That's a whole lot of aircraft in a tight space with an 8 ship B-Flight! It worked out. For immersive purposes I'm fine with the flight level bombing as long as I can dive bomb. TAC will be a last of last resorts for me but at least there's an option.
  11. I notice the flight stays right with me when I go in on a dive bombing run during railyard or airfield attack missions. Very cool. They stayed up high in WOFF PE. Alas, now they do not drop their ordnance. Is there another way, without using TAC to get the rest of the formation to bomb? I know it can be done if I, as formation leader, stay level and use autopilot but this is a bit of an immersion killer.
  12. Graphic anomaly?

    Thanks Adger. I wasn't sure if this was the same phenomenon. I can always put it down to some sort of refractive aberration created by an oil droplet on the goggles.
  13. Low mist and rain conditions for a 0445 dawn patrol on April 14, 1918. Flying from Bertangles West. Was seeing what the 'other' General Haig might describe as the Vortex of Clarity. Specifically, a circle clear view whereas the rest of my vision was misted. Screens attached.
  14. KJakker - Thanks for posting those vids. I'd seen the balloon busting gun video he did but not those two on the Lewis. Interesting detail about the latching mechanism and the vane sight.

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