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  1. In single player I have plenty-o-airfields. However, when I HOST a multiplayer...no airports. Yet, when I JOIN a multiplayer the airports are present. (I reinstalled sfp1 and its patch...no addons.) What's the deal? Mud
  2. Dihedral effect is the tendency for the airplane to roll in the same direction to which it has been yawed. While this is most common in swept wing airplanes,(dutch roll) it can happen in any airplane. It's a great tool in a fight. But...in the F-104 my problem is that when I apply LEFT rudder, the airplane rolls to the RIGHT. and vice-versa. Now that really blows. Mud
  3. I read on an earlier post that some were looking for information/data to model the F-102 and F-5. Among others, I have the dash 1's for these airplanes. If I can provide any information, please let me know. Late... Mud

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