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  1. 2022 Donation and Membership Drive

    I’m not around much anymore but I still love you guys and all the fun you’ve provided over the years. Donated.
  2. That revamp video looks fantastic, but I usually just used YAP objects (mostly their pilot models) to populate other, better mods from the guys here with certain little puzzle pieces that you could only find in YAP. Sometimes there was some really cool stuff. A very expensive scenery pack lol.
  3. SF2 is the same game as SF1 just better in every possible way.
  4. There’s a lot more that goes into it. A lot has to do with having the line “navalmap=true” set in the terrain.ini as well as having a proper water.bmp file file that tells the game where the map the task forces should spawn. Nothing from SF1 applies here as naval units as we think of them following SF2:NA just plain didn’t exist in SF1. theres a pretty comprehensive thread in the terrain building forum that can explain things waaaay better than I could
  5. You can advance time at 15 minute intervals. Use the Re-arm function. Advance time about 15-30 minutes, take off. Problems solved.
  6. Humpday Heavies

    Ellsworth birds, hell yeah
  7. Airshow Season 2020

    Been looking at the lists of Air Shows for this year, I'll probably be at the Kansas City show at KIXD, the Whiteman Air Show, and Offut, assuming it doesn't get flooded out again. If anyone is planning on travelling for some shows would love to meet up and watch some jets!
  8. Well since FastCargo was a Dyess guy there never were enough Ellsworth skins!
  9. Top Gun 2 Trailer 2

    He’s also working in conjunction with the original composer, Harold Faltemeyer. It’s gonna be real good. Also Paramount released a “You thought that was all CGI? L O L” vid today
  10. Top Gun 2 Trailer 2

    I mean he does the same thing with a Tomcat in the first movie. Yeah, the Hornet can do it. Maybe not to the level shown there, but a lot of people don't know that the first aircraft to preform the maneuver was actually not the MiG-29.... but the
  11. You don't have to sink the Kuznetsov, you just have to sink its tugboat
  12. Falklands Campaign is a must play
  13. Need a little help

    lol, thanks guys. Pretty much what I was expecting
  14. So I've been going around to forums to preach the SF2 gospel to the masses, and one place that I post on a lot people keep asking which mod manager to use with SF2, and when I say "none, that's just gonna make it more complicated" they don't believe me, call me a grognard, etc. Anyone that can provide a quick and easy explanation of why using mod managers is a dumb idea for SF2? AFAIK no one really uses a MM for this right?

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