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  1. F-14 Menu Screens, Speech and Menu Music Mod.

  2. I love TK, and am forever grateful to him for what he did produce as per the SF series over the years. But as much as I'm grateful to him for that, I'm far more grateful to mod community for years and years worth of content that has held my interest for well over a decade. The Falkland Islands campaign alone is worth ever single cent I ever paid for the SF series, and I've bought every one. So... I guess what I'm trying to say is huge thanks to TK and TW, but an even more massive thanks to all the modders who have held my rapt attention for the last Fifteen years.
  3. Sounds like you're dealing with active homing missiles, AMRAAM / Phoenix type. Bad news is the way the game is set up you won't get a launch tone when they fire. The red text is your launch tone.
  4. YES. Rock Chalk, Jayhawk... GOOOOO KU!
  5. music: on chaff: out turn into it, and hit the deck
  6. F-35 canceled for marines and USAF?

    That "Trail of Tears" bit was brutal.
  7. Pretty sure it has to do with the FrequencyControlled=True/False line, can anyone c/d?
  8. I mixed this one myself Vulcan.wav
  9. That VF-213 skin is fantastic!!!
  10. I need help!

    This should be good for now, thanks very much!
  11. Is there anyone that has a fairly complete "Pilots" folder that they could drop box me or something? I had a backup accident the other day and my folder suddenly became one of "the disappeared ones." If there's anyone who could help me out I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  12. Damaged Russian Submarine cornered by Swedish Navy?

    This happened a lot in the 80's didn't it?
  13. It may be a channeling issue. Are you talking about how the sound of the some aircraft in a flight may be working, but not all? Because that happens to me a lot and I just pause and un-pause and the sound comes back.

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