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  1. That's pretty much how everyone else learns nowadays. There's a lot of info the Knowledge Base section, and people here are always willing to help if you ask, no sweat. Best idea I have, would be to extract one of the standard campaign files, say the stock Desert campaign, then download one of the update/upgrade mods for that campaign, and compare the two .ini files to understand what was changed and added, then ask for help filling in any puzzle pieces. I always think of Strike Fighters as like a model train set for jet fighters, once you get the hang of it, it's very plug-in-play and it usually doesn't get upset about removing mods. It's highly flexible and very forgiving. Good luck!
  2. The Falklands War mod is probably my favorite. HIGHLY recommended.
  3. F-21 for India?

    There is no way the US government would ever allow the sale of the F-35 to India.
  4. I do not believe there is any way to edit saved games. A quick perusal through the Knowledge Base shows nothing for that. Also, if you are having an issue recommend you check out the KB here https://combatace.com/forums/forum/268-thirdwire-strike-fighters-2-series-knowledge-base/ before posting any new threads. There is a wealth of info on there. edit: hope I'm not stepping on any toes/backseat modding here
  5. The Iraqi air defense system in 1991 had more guns than Berlin in 1945 and more SAMs than Hanoi in 1972. I mean the coalition forces lost 44 aircraft to enemy action, which is much higher than most people think, and the A-10s suffered such heavy losses as to be pulled back from attacks on the republican guard. If you think that flying the American campaign is tough, try a campaign as an Iraqi Su-25 pilot...
  6. Like Wrench said, It's possible that the campaign is referencing an airfrield.ini file that you don't have in your terrain folder. Pull up your Israel '48 mod folder and navigate to the TERRAIN folder. Based on Wrench's post it would seem to be advisable to download one of the terrains he has built and find all the airfield.ini files from that folder and put those into the terrain folder of your Israel '48 mod folder. Don't worry if there are extra .ini files for airfields that the terrain doesn't have. The game will only look at/for the ones referenced in the terrain .ini files and it will ignore anything else. Most airfield ini files I believe should be listed as things like "desert_airfield.ini" or "soviet_airfield.ini" or "airfield1.ini" should be identifiable. Also, if you don't want to go that far right off the bat, check what airfield you are starting out at that causes the issue then navigate to the terrain in the mod folder, pull up the targetlist(?) I think that would list what airfields are where, find the airfield with the issue, and it should show the reference for which .ini and .lod files the game will be looking for. Then check out your terrain folder and make sure the proper .ini is there for the game to recognize.
  7. Pak-Fa

    Straight savage
  8. Actually, it should be period accurate. "Red Crown" was still being used as the callsign for the fighter controller on the USS Bunker Hill even during Desert Storm Here is a google books excerpt from "Desert Storm at Sea: What the Navy Really Did" about Red Crown Operations.
  9. what are you talking about? This game is already littered with the corpses of destroyed MiG-23's... err at least mine is lol
  10. Sukhois

    Worried about you wingman in the Soviet Air Force? Sounds defeatist and counterproductive tbh
  11. I'm pretty sure in SF1 the hangar sounds were two or three sound files playing simultaneously, like there was one track that was the old radio, then a couple of different jet fly-bys. In SF2 there is only sound file that will play on each screen. You could certainly extract those sounds from SF1 and run them through a sound editing program to combine them back together and make what sounds like the same thing but combines those three tracks into one audio file and set that as the hangar noise, but no the way it worked in SF1 is not the way it works in SF2
  12. I know on the iOS version of modern combat, TK released a huge update with a ton of nations added, like Brazil with an AMX, and I know that he added an F-14D in one of those updates so I think it should be in this one (but it's TK and he certainly moves in mysterious ways) As frustrating as it can be to see him no longer working on SF2, I'm with you... I think he created a great thing with this series and he deserves our money.
  13. I'm not sure how the soundlist would cause a game crash... what was the exact situation that was the cause of the issue? The soundlist file is less important in SF2 than 1 as you can direct files to sounds that don't necessarily need to listed in the soundlist... though if you want to change the parameters of those sounds in the game you have to write them up in the ini. Even if the soundlist.ini isn't in the mod folder the game should revert to using the soundlist file in the game .cat files, may have issues playing added sounds but I don't think I've ever encountered a ctd from a soundlist issue. Have you added in any new terrains or are running a new mod install? Because I think those are a more typical candidate for a ctd. I looked through your .ini file up there and I don't see any issues with that stand out to me (it's actually super organized)... you're sure it's being put into the correct folder? What's your general file structure look like? When you remove the soundlist from the mod folder, does the game work like it should, and only CTDs after you put the modded soundlist.ini back in the mod folder?
  14. Yeah, it's a different thing from SF1 but once you get the swing of things it's soooo much easier to mod SF2.

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