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  1. You don't have to sink the Kuznetsov, you just have to sink its tugboat
  2. Falklands Campaign is a must play
  3. Need a little help

    lol, thanks guys. Pretty much what I was expecting
  4. So I've been going around to forums to preach the SF2 gospel to the masses, and one place that I post on a lot people keep asking which mod manager to use with SF2, and when I say "none, that's just gonna make it more complicated" they don't believe me, call me a grognard, etc. Anyone that can provide a quick and easy explanation of why using mod managers is a dumb idea for SF2? AFAIK no one really uses a MM for this right?
  5. It's wild how many people play DCS just for the challenge, and if they had a game at the midpoint between say, Ace Combat and DCS (seems like there's a very popular sim around this place that would fit just great hmmmmmm) lot's of people would buy that game
  6. TK should extend this another two weeks to a month. We've waited 11 years, we can wait till Q12020. Sucks that I won't be able to contribute because of money issues and just finding out about this. Sucks.
  7. If TK put SF2 on GOG and Steam he would make an assload of money and the traffic to CA would be gigantic as well once word got out this is where all the mods are. Like, no-one but us is buying SF2 from ThirdWire.com, and there is currently a large amount of people getting back into flight sims because of Steam distribution.
  8. man, PS6/7 are really the ultimate skinning programs
  9. TW exporter

    Don't you mean, "Win the lottery, travel to Texas, buy the source code" ?
  10. Also, a really interesting aircraft for a Merc campaign is the official TW DLC F-21A Lion. It's a Kfir C.1 in US markings they used at Top Gun for a while. As far as the Pilot status numbers, I'd probably just choose the ones with the highest numbers for Condition and Experience. But the other pilots DO rank up in this way, RPG style based on the number of missions you're giving them. Use less experienced pilots as wingmen and higher experienced guys as element leads. Often times deep into a NATO Fighters campaign I've found that other Squadron commanders are often keeping pace with me for kills. In fact one time I figured I was the top F-15 ace until I saw a 4 ship AI flight from another base, and all four pilots were named aces by this point and the flight lead had 26 kills to my 21. Needless to say, his reign didn't last long lol.
  11. @WTRAdminExpect a PM from me on Thursday or Friday, I can send you a bit then when I send some in for the yearly CA Drive
  12. Merc campaigns can be very fun, but I'd honestly recommend a regular USAF or USN campaign to get the feel of the campaign system. Sometimes you can shoot yourself in the foot wrt funds available. Although that can happen in a regular campaign too. The North Atlantic campaigns with weapons availability set to hard usually see the Tomcats running out of Phoenix rounds very quickly.
  13. That was a rough week, happened the same time as the Minot accidental nuke flight. I wasn't even in the desert OR at Minot and we got a stern talking to about both incidents lol

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