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  1. Forget about Malvinas one, it says it won't work for WoV Anyhow, I was puzzled about it, as I could fly missions starting on the air, but not from the runway Still, I don't find Formosa's read me
  2. Thanks for the tips, checking now. Something I can tell you right now is I am using about WoV, and the Formosa terrain, and Malvinas (Falkland) one too.
  3. Hi there guys! Well, I see there is no thread here, so I decided to start this one to see if someone could help me (a begginer) to add some new terrains. Actually, my main problem is that, when using a new terrain, my plane blows up even before I am "in the cockpit", I only see its explosion after clicking "go fly!". Is there any solution for that? I'd appreciate it if someone could shed some light on it for me and other begginers having similar problems. Thx in advanced!
  4. I guess I'll do so, thanks for the link! This time I'll try the cockpit not to dissapear at all, as happened the last time i tried with a fishbed pit
  5. Thanks for the reference. Unfortunately, I don't know any modding, I've just learned how to add aircraft add ons and so small changes... :s
  6. Muito Obrigado! vc tem o link? se nao, deixa que procuro aqui no foro, sem problema. Acho que vou instalar a do fishbed melhor do que a do fitter hehe
  7. Wow! thanks for the quick reply! Which do you think is the best subsitute for it? MiG-21 MF's one?... I feel the fitter's one is too simple, if not empty for it, and the mach counter reaches 1.0 only... Well thanks for your help!
  8. Hi there guys! I've noticed the MiG-23 cockpit is actually a Su-17 cockpit... So I wanted to know if the 'real' one is available, as I haven´t found it so far... Well, thanks in advanced!
  9. Very nice airplane! BTW, Is there any WOV beta or something alike? I've had quite a rough time trying to get it be stable at one altitude, it gets its nose up, though you can controll it, it's not comfortable, maybe it thinks it's a rocket Turning is weired too
  10. Hi there! I am trying to run WOV in vista, and I need to use the .cat extractor in order to modify the files as it's said on the article of this section. Problem is I've been trying to get it, but I can't seem to find it Can anyone upload it here? Or direct me to where you got it from? Thank you very much!
  11. Nice aircraft! I have two questions: 1. How do you turn the bombsight on? 2. My Airplanes folder has a B-52D already, that's the one that came with the sim, although you can't fly it. Which of the folders do I rename? the flyable or non-flyable one? Do I have to choose one of those? Thanks you very much in advanced!

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