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  1. Setup a site with info..... reworked back story and a/c and country list. https://sites.google.com/site/operationredoktober/operation-redoktober-05-1 LW
  2. I even thought about a throwing in a rogue Su-27 squadron who defected and was fighting for Ukrainian independence using the splinter camo for the Su-27. Just some off the wall stuff...... LW
  3. Correct, as stated above however, I just wanted to include as many flyable planes as I could for the sake of variety.... loosely historically accurate ;-)
  4. No offense taken, however by resources I do not mean natural gas, I was referring to the occupation of land and peoples and anything gained there in transported back to the USSR. Honestly my entire intent was just to have fun with it, nothing else. I really have not set down to seriously develop a backstory as I stated above my initial intent was not to release but just a campaign with a variety of a/c to fly...... if there is enough interest, I would look at developing one, however I honestly did not feel there would be any interest in the campaign. Noticed the Avatar LW
  5. I worked up a campaign called Red Oktober starting in October of 2005. The premise is that the wall did not fall in Berlin and over a decade has passed with the Soviet economy in rapid decline and internal turmoil with states wanting to break free, hard line Soviet leaders launch a strike on Europe to secure much needed resources and to help shift the focus off of the Soviet Government and to help retain control. With the word's attention elsewhere, operation RedOktober went into effect. I wanted some variety in the aircraft so I included what I could..... I really had no intention of releasing this as most of this work is done by NF4 team as I altered one of their 1986 campaign files and used countless other a/c mods. I do not have all of the squadrons with their correct unit names (which I am slowly working on), however everything works and seems to have pretty good balance..... which was one of my intentions. I also have the red side flyable with the Mig-29 or Su-27. I was also wondering how many others work up their own campaigns as I like customizing campaigns..... REDOKTOBER made for SF2E USAF A-10 II (78) F-15A F-15C F-15E F-16C Blk30 F-16C Blk 50 F-16C Blk 52 F-16D F-117A EF-111A F-111F F-4G V A-7K A-7D 78 F-22A MISC A-4K USMC AV-8B-da FA-18C USN (land based) F-14D FA-18E FA-18F Germany EF-2000 Tornado IDS F-4 ICE Mig-29 RAF EF-2000 Tornado F.3 Tornado GR1B Harrier GR7 Soviet Mig-23 (called up from reserves) Mig-25 Mig-27 (called up from reserves) Mig-29 (User Flyable) Su-24 Su-25 Su-27 (User Flyable) Su-39 Su-33 LW
  6. Don't worry about that.... All you need is the SF2V Air & Ground War Expansion Pack v2.0 Gold You can get it from the download section: http://forum.combata...ads&showcat=407 Just follow the instructions..... this gives you access to the A-6, A-1, terrain etc..... good stuff in there. LW
  7. Greatly enjoying the Desert Storm and NF4 mods! Early Morning Patrol

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